Thursday, March 20, 2008


Fire damages four cars at Eunos Carpark

Was reading this morning's HOME section of Straits Times when a particular article caught my attention: "Fire damages four cars at Eunos Carpark"...
View the full article here. (am still trying to get a scan of the picture... anyone bought the papers?)

Guess what, the car in flames (which the flames later spread to the other 3 cars...) is a 2nd hand Toyota Vios (SGZ carplate), parked strategically at the carpark outside Eunos MRT as an advertisement... because I could see (from the picture) "Driving Lessons" information and rates being advertised infront of the car and on the car door at the side.

We all know Eunos is THE MRT STATION to go when we're heading for driving lessons at the Comfort Driving Centre (better known as Ubi Driving Centre), a couple of bus-stops down the road... many driving instructors (private) also made it a habit of picking their students up from the carpark outside the station.

And YES, I was even aware that there was a very old toyota corolla with driving lessons advertisements all over the car, parked permanently there for as long as I could remember. And it has came to irk me as it deprives people of precious parking lots...

Critical point here is, this very car that was allegedly set on flames, was advertising for driving lessons at a rate of S$18...! That is TOTALLY SPOIL MARKET~!!! We all know the prices are like S$20 for off peaks and $24 for peak hours / weekends... and here comes a newbie driving instructor offering driving lessons at S$18! and even dared to park his car at "someone else's territory"!!!

Bird brain leh! That fella is lucky he only got his car burnt. I think the entire private-instructors community already blacklisted him liao~

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