Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hard Water: Part 2

20th March 2008
Sequel to my Hard Water case. Read the original here.

My case was initially handed by the Tampines NPC. The last call I had with Tampines NPC was that my case was handed over to the Bedok Division "G" HQ after I filed a Magistrate Complaint at the Subordinates Court. My case was "upgraded" or some sort, so instead of a police case, its now a "court case". Okay, fine...

Also, Officer Mesri (or izzit Vincent?) mentioned that the little girl is nearing her PSLE exams, so I was asked to "let her concentrate on her exams first"... fine, afterall she's still a kid (but what about me? Who's the victim here?!)

So~ i wait... December fly pass.... and I wait... I kept telling myself that the police ain't just handling my case alone, and that I should cut them some slack since they're probably busy with more serious crime-cases instead of petty cases like mine... but months of waiting and seeing my damaged car everyday can drive me crazy.

January... If I could still remember, I gave up waiting for Bedok Division's investigation guys to call me, so I took the initiative and called them up. Called every number I could find and asked my way through... after several diverted calls and checking names here and there... I finally zoomed in on the investigating officer - I/O Philbert Tng.

Philbert mentioned that he wasn't aware of my case at all... (Faintz; =__=) So after I gave him my case ID and all the information I could give, he went off to investigate...

February... month of Chinese New Year... No news yet. I let the month slip as I personally dun want to be disturbed during this month of bliss and harmony, neither do I want to disturb anyone.

March... month of ICT... 3 weeks is alot of time for me to do alot of things. Called up Philbert and was told that he can't find my police-case report... (>__<") will continue to find. A week later, Philbert called again, says he still can't find my police-case report, and invited me over to Bedok Police HQ for kopi...

Today, after my last day of ICT, I drove down to Bedok... 4pm appointment. I am always early, as usual. Appears that Philbert's not in office. Dang... Met Liyu at the lobby. Hey hey! Long time no see! But no time to chit chat; Liyu appears busy too. Lost her down the corridor.

Called Philbert and was told he needs another 15 mins on another case. Fine. Waited along the corridor. I tell you, its darn stuffy and hot out there; I reckon I lost a bottle of perspiration.

4:30pm, Philbert called and tells me he's on the way back... Off I went to tear more coupons for another hour. Darn construction around the station cordoned off quite a lot of routes. Back in the station, explored the ground floor and found my way to the cafeteria... Phew! AIRCON! and I got myself a can of H20. Needed that. I had by then seriously dehydrated so much I was "clammy" already.

5pm: Finally met Philbert. Brought into an interview room. He sits across the table with a computer and raped the keyboard as he asks me a couple of essential information. Then we proceeded to why I was there, how did it happened, what happened next, what did I see, who did I talked to, etc etc etc... then Liyu (she is still looking manly) popped into the room again! (This time, I got her handphone number~ ^__^ )

The interview session dragged beyond 6pm... I found myself glancing at my watch every now and then... I remember calling mum that I'll be home for dinner around 6pm and not to worry as I wun be home at the usual time...

Finally, the interview session ended with Philbert reading my statement to me, adjusting the sentences and making minor amendments, and for me to sign off. (I honestly tell you, I dun like the way my statement was written - A comes first then B, compared with B come first then A, will result in a totally different interpretation - but he got the critical facts in, so I am fine).

I was told he will be filing the case back to the crime registry, then it will go to court to be ascertain by the magistrate whether its going to be a mediation session or court case... whatever.

End of the day, I just need psychological closure. It was a little girl - no adults, stranger or not, would want a kid to earn a bad record in her background. Its just that somebody got to be accountable for this act - read: parents. Else we'll find kids going around damaging people's property and go scot free.

6:30pm, jogging back to my car... carpark coupon exceeded by 30mins... praying hard aunty Fatimah didn't leave a love note for me...

6:50pm, reach home after all the peak hours jams and such... parked my car at my favourite spot, stopped the engine, and turned to get my stuff... I froze momentarily... my PPCDL theory book was happily sitting there... I should be at Singapore Poly for the test by 7pm...

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