Monday, November 30, 2009

November 2009: Entire Month

November 2009: Entire Month
Geez~ busy month~ so I haven been updating my blog lately...

01 November 2009
Orange flavoured and chocolate cake from Pine Gardens Cake shop in Ang Mo Kio~ was introduced this by Joey~ yummy~
03 November 2009
09:31... Breakfast at the Market...
accompanied Mom for the market trip.
04 November 2009
Boston Lobster meal for dinner @ Sakae Teppanyaki Century Square~ The lobster is oh-so-juicy~
06 November 2009
Chomp Chomp for dinner~! Missed the chicken wings so much~!
07 November 2009
Breakfast @ Toastbox Causeway Point...
Headed to JB for some shopping~ Bukit Indah AEON
JUSCO is like everywhere...
Seafood dinner at Alam Seafood Restaurant @ Taman Perling~ Yummy~
08 November 2009
Had a nice hairwash @ Holiday Plaza and the stylist styled my hair to look like this... ^^"
Sashimi Moriwase and many more for lunch @ Sushi King City Square~
Nice bowl of heart-warming instant noodles my girlfriend cooked for me~
For the records, I love these little snacks since young. I finished the entire packet that evening.
The fun thing is able to find these twin buns in the packet... rare find~ kekeke
09 November 2009
Nanyang Old Coffee shop @ Simei Eastpoint. The staff inside is slow; the person taking the order does not communicate properly with the person preparing the food/drink and serves the wrong order when I was the only customer; the kitchen behind the counter is not streamlined for coffee making, neither are the fixtures; most importantly, the coffee sucks! I give it 5 more months to close shop. FAIL.
NTUC sells the cheapests Red Dragon Fruits~ S$2.25 for a packet of 2 Red Dragon Fruits.
10 November 2009
Made Red DragonFruit Enzymes for my girlfriend... it will be ready in 15 days...
Random shot of Pappy keeping me company in my room~
Found a very nostalgic gift in the cupboards... I had this coin bank for like 17 years already?
11 November 2009
Balestier... National Eye Care Centre... appointment that morning... followup consultation to my right eye... Doctor says there is nothing much either they nor me could do, just monitor and have plenty of rest... Actually, feeling like Kenpachi or Kakashi isn't that bad~ Thanks to Honda for picking me up that day~
1:48pm @ Changi Village... a serene walked over the river... with the wrong company... Honda and Thomas...
2:02pm... still at Changi seaside... was near the Sea Sports Club, so the coast is filled with students learning canoeing...
11 November 2009
The Red DragonDruit Enzymes looked like this after 5 days...
12 November 2009
@ Terminal 2... Dad's back in town~
7:52pm~ @ Terminal 2's staff canteen... I guess not many ppl knows the way to the staff canteen at Terminal 2. Its not easy to find... and the food's not that great anyways... but it makes a great place for studying...
8:16pm~ Dinner @ Simei coffeeshop... (Cuz the staff canteen at Terminal 2 really cannot make it... ) Koo Loo Mee from Sarawak~ Yummy~ Thumbs up~
I asked dad to buy some cheap Indonesian instant mee goreng back... and here's how he brought them back... no box, no bag, just his luggage...
November's batches of Birdnest~ its getting cleaner and cleaner~
I'm selling them @ S$100.00 per 37.5grams (5 - 6 pcs, serves 8 persons). Interested parties can drop me a message below and I'll ring you up~
13 November 2009
@ People's Park (not the complex nor centre)... level 3... this nice little shop is selling skin/hair care products at prices so cheap that the entire shop is bustling with business. No advertisements needed, just word of mouth.
for example... this Pearlie White mouth rinse costs like S$5.40 in Watsons, but its only selling for S$3.50 there. Amazing huh? Gatsby Moving Rubber sells for S$9.60 in Watsons and it sells for S$7.80 there. Jaw-drop prices~
15 November 2009
Oh~! New Balance has a new shoe that really captures my heart~
Mr. and Mrs. Lala~ @ Compass Point
4:33pm... Having some delicious red dragonfruits for the afternoon...
8:36pm~ Heart-warming instant noodles with lotsa add-ons for dinner~
9:36pm~ taking a bus home... been a long while seen I last took a bus...
16 November 2009
Remember I mentioned in my May 2009: Part 2 post that this Botak Jones branch at Blk 201 Tampines will close in 6 months? Well, true enough, May to November, exactly 6 months - GAME OVER.
4:53pm... Random shot of Pappy... puppy has been moody the whole day~ so he stuff himself between the little space there...
17 November 2009
Desker Road... if you are ever there and feeling hungry, be sure to check out this coffeeshop ahead. Serves very good Char Siew and Roast Duck rice~ thumbs up~
Bought a helms pump that day... Gonna be taking this fella to China with me to have it replicated... darn thing weighs 10KG...11:26am~ Brunch at Arab Street~ Zam Zam roti prata~ ^^
5:53pm~ early dinner at East
18 November 2009
Raylite Optical @ Blk 201 Tampines... I have patronized this shop for the past 20 over years already and I always get very good discounts.
Ah I wanna take this chance to re-introduce Focaccia Bread~ this is really the "so-good-you-can-eat-it-on-its-own" bread. Smells great! Taste Great!
19 November 2009
Getting my fiber optics cable terminal box installed for free...
Its using the 3.5mm cable.
Mom took pappy downstairs for a long stroll so the cable guys could do their jobs in peace...
One-man show... this one guy took like 1 whole hour to pull the cables, and finally the more specialised technicians came to test the signals...
My turn to take care of Pappy...
20 November 2009
Took dad to Raylite to collect his spectacles...
21 - 25 November 2009
Business trip to Shanghai... well I did have time for a little bit of leisure~ ^^"
Nanking Road Shopping Street...
26 November 2009
Just a random shot of a beautiful Xmas tree @ Bugis Junction~
5:15pm~ Cooking instant noodles...
7:56pm... KFC dinner @ Kallang~
10:19pm... Fort Road Heavy Vehicle Carpark... curious bitch was checking me out... Scary? Nope, it was scare of me and ran off when I opened the door and charge towards her. Keke...
27 November 2009
@ Ang Mo Kio's Pine Garden's Cake shop...
The cake shop sells a variety of very good tasting cakes~
Lychee Martini...
Mango and Strawberry Mousse...
Orange Apricot Blossom... many many more!
4:37pm~ Checking out the exhibits @ Punggol 21 + Gallery...
The new Punggol Waterfront project... Punggol is gonna be the next big thing...
Got this EZ-link sticker from Joey... SMRT issued them at the station and she got a few~ Kawaii puppy! My EZ link card is the default ugly design, so I hesitate not a sec and pasted it on my card~ ^^
28 November 2009
I love Subways~!
4:58pm @ Waterloo street... 四马路观音堂...
7:02pm... Teochew porridges @ Katong... sometimes, simple food are the best~
30 November 2009
@ Singapore Science Centre for the Body Works exhibition... its the 2nd time its here in Singapore... still looks the same, but lesser exhibits... S$20.00 for Adult. Exhibition is until March 2010. Dun miss it!
5:00pm @ Omni Theatres.... when's the last time you been to Omni Theatre?
8:17pm~ Dinner with family @ Tampines One Sushi Tei~