Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dainese airbag suit for 2010

Dainese airbag suit for 2010
Motorcyclists have something worth cheering for as cycling equipment manufacturer Dainese unveils its latest airbag-system - D-AIR SUIT. (Read one of the many articles here.)

Watch the video for a live-demostration. Initial retail price at USD99,999*.

Q: (Reminds me of DragonballZ'a Vegeta's armour). Probably only for race-track usage and not for mass-consumer use. Still another FAIL product; intact upper torso, but broken arms, broken legs... and it definitely doesn't protects the motorcyclist from being run over by another fella motorcyclist coming from behind in a a 200kg steel-horse @ over 200mph... result: technically alive, but physically disabled

*Made-up price

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