Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kenkoo Zenrakei Suieibu Umishou

ケンコー全裸系水泳部 ウミショー
This 13-episode cheery anime revolves around Umisho’s swimming club, a swimming team consisting of swimmers with very unique personalities. Okiura Kaname, a 2nd year student, is the team’s manager, who ironically is the only person in the swimming club who can’t swim.

The club is later joined by the happy-go-lucky Ninagawa Amuro, a 2nd year transfer student from Okinawa with extraordinary underwater speed, unorthodox swimming style, and a habit of swimming in the nude (hence the title).

This anime features lotsa fun, humor, sportsmanship, encouragement, girl-rivalry, romance, friendship, fan-service, perverted thoughts, beautiful colors, and you’ll learn a little about swimming competition rules. Simply a sweet title to watch!

Highlighted characters are:
Okiura: Lead-guy who has a phobia of swimming due to a childhood memory of a horrible encounter with a mermaid.

Amuro: Lead-girl who swims like a mermaid. Best quote: (of dolphins) “And I ate them sometimes…”.

Orizuka: 3rd year sempai, the devil of the swimming team. Habit of stomping on the Captain’s crotch.

Shizuoka: Neat and clean girl, but actually a closet-pervert. Best quote: “I…might…be… interested…”.

Ikamasa: Team captain; manly, well-toned body, tall and tanned, usually in a tiny piece of tanga speedo swimming trunks. Suck at swimming, high “exposure” habit, and shaves people randomly. Best quote: “Bakearo! Swimming is an individual sport! Umisho doesn’t need unity!”

Takeda: Basically a pervert.

Makio-chan: Cute but noisy girl, and small-sized, in every aspect.

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