Thursday, December 20, 2007


My Secondary School Friends~
My Polytechnic School Friends
My Camp BuddiesMy Ghim Li Global Friends

Oh... this post will be edited to add in more pictures! I have tons more! Need time to dig them out...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mario Airwave

Lets say it out loud together... "NO WAY~~~!"

If anyone is observant enough, this workshop is "GenConcept"... remember my NOv 24th post on that Toyota Rush? Its from GenConcept too.

And there's even a Mario Kart track in the boot!

Even the engine's not spared...

Make a choice...

Probably the most controversial debate in this decade...
which will YOU choose?

My choice is A, at least there is someone I can chat with... well, I am not very good at eating fish head anyways...


7th Dec

At Tenah Merah Ferry Terminal. Very nicely renovated terminal! And a big smile from me before setting off~

On our way to Bintan... This fellow is Xiao-P, my secondary school buddy~
At the Villa... we found the BBQ pit! And the vanguard group has the pit hot and going already~
I wonder if we qualify for Toothpaste advertisements?

Gigantic prawns! Just look at its size! Ooo it tastes great~!

8th Dec

The Villa that I stayed in - Bouganville Villa unit 32 - comes with 4bed rooms, with beds good for 5 ppl (We squeezed in 9 ppl anyways...), 3 bathrooms (1 bathtub and 2 showers), a maid-room (more like mahjong room), a kitchen, a dining table, a living room equipped with TV and sofa, and a BBQ pit at the gardens~

Piece of advice: Get the Angsoka Villas, got private swimming pool somemore!
Not to forget, we got our own buggy too! Carries 5 adults well~ runs up to approx. 25 kmph.
Trip to the seaside first thing in the morning; weather's calm and waves are strong; good for some boarding fun. Only unforeseen thing is that the beach floor is covered with oil sludge... and these guys had a hard time washing away with diesel / petrol...

Luckily I didn't join them... holding the camera is good enough reason to stay dry...
And so~ I head for a morning dip at this BEAUTIFUL swimming pool~ xD
-photo courtesy of MJ's for taking this picture.
Afternoon, shuttle bus to Pasar Oleh Oleh~ arrangemenets can be made at S$6/pax from the concierge. 15 mins bus-ride...
Lunch at a cosy restaurant inside Pasar Oleh Oleh~ serves decent food at affordable prices!
Our meal damage: S$89 for a 10 course meal, includes fruits and drinks.

Stomach-filled = Happy faces!

Quite happy to see her again~ the mama shop cashier.

You will be doing yourself disservice if you dun stock up on your drinks supply here.
1.5L Mineral water at S$0.80 here (S$4 at the resort grounds);
Beer is at S$5 for 3 cans here (S$6 per can at the resort);
Kueh Lapis (large size) at S$19 here (S$40 at Bengawan Solo).

Outside Pasar Oleh Oleh... just look at how much we bought! Waiting for our shuttle bus to return. Oh, there is a new shopping village directly opposite! And there is a Haagen Das outlet there selling Chendol... can u believe that!?

Back at the Resort... Beach Volleyball! Lotsa bruises on the arms after that... hahaha

And in the evening~ nothing beats kicking back in the sofa, watching TV and enjoying an ice cold Heineken... oh oh, see that long sofa there? Its my bed for the 2 nights there. Best sleeping spot in the entire villa; some of their aircons upstairs are spoilt... xD

In addition, the above photo was taken using MJ's camera's remote control... I DIDN'T KNOW cameras come with remote control... eye-opener, really. Next time I buy a camera, remote control is a definate prerequisite.

9th Dec

Table-tennis! Xiao-P almost killed me with his smash-shot... he's good~ real good~

Next was billard... i holed the black ball for both games... wahahahaha... thanks to Xiao-P for parking them so nicely for me... kekeke

Xiao-P practicing his shots on the pool table... while i practice my shots (camera-wise) beside the pool table... Nice angle, no?

Back at the chalet, we got a visit from a Bintan Native... scavenging into our rubbish bin... this fella is slightly longer than a metre... stay clear stay clear...

Group Photo before departure... thanks for MJ's remote control!

and I pounced across.... wahahahaha

Before boarding the return ferry...

Nice teeth~!!! Heading for Bintan again? Definitely!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A to Z of your Keyboard

Something nice to know~ How "good" your computer keyboard is:

  • Hold down BOTH your "SHIFT" buttons,
  • If your keyboard types correctly = Good keyboard.
  • If your keyboard types junk = Lousy Keyboard.

My FUJITSU S7020 keyboard types :

What about yours?

The sentence "THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER THE LAZY DOG" is a pangram that uses all 26 alphabets, and is commonly used to test typewriters and keyboards - a procedure called "Foxing".

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bananas: Fruit or Non-Fruit?

Just found out recently that the BANANA is actually not a fruit at all.

By the term "Fruit", it would mean the "product of fertilization". Fruits will germinate into plants, which will again flower, thus offering another opportunity for fertilization.

However, the bananas that we commonly found in the stalls or supermarkets have no, if not insignificant, seeds at all.

In comparison, only bananas found in the wild, that have much larger seeds which will germinate, can be considered as "Fruits".

The part of a plant which is not the direct product of a fertilization nor the structure bearing (the plant) can be safely termed as a "HERB".

To conclude, the seedless bananas that we commonly eat nowadays is considered a HERB.

Before I end off my post, TOMATOES are not vegetables, they are a type of berries... (^_^)

Source: A children book I read in a bookstore in NUH,
and Ric Rupnik of

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Protect your dog...

Strong dogs need strong clothes...
Dun forget the tail...
This is my favourite~

The Paper Myth: Busted!

It has pretty much been truth that one can only fold a piece of paper into half, up to 7 times, and nothing more. At least I have tried that myself.

It seems that this is no longer the truth.

I just watched MYTH BUSTERS on cable TV and they broke the record: 8 times using a gigantic piece of paper, in an aircraft hangar.

And with the help of some heavy plants (forklift, and compactor), the group folded the paper another 3 times to hit the 11th mark.

Pretty interesting... You got a piece of paper lying around?

Happy Tree Friends!

The ever-so-popular series during my Poly school days. Its sooooooooo funny, you've simply got to recommend your friends to watch!

Warning: Lotsa gore and morbid humor. Dun say I never warn you.
If you can survive Eye Candy, you can go on to Eyes Cold Lemonade.

My favourites episodes:
Eye Candy

Eyes Cold Lemonade
When Life gives Lemons, make Lemonade!

See more Happy Tree Friends at

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My First 10Km

My Results!

My running information were captured in the championchip I worn on my shoe during the run, and the organisers dedicated a website for runners to check their personal information.

Time taken to complete = 1h:9m:54s (gun) / 1h:7m:48s (net)
Route: Start off from Esplanade, into Raffles Place CBD area, past Lau Pat Sat, up ECP ramp, down into Marina South area, U-Turn point within Marina South area, back up onto ECP ramp, down into Prince Edward Road, past the other side of Lau Pat Sat (Robinson Road), into Raffles Place CBD area, Ending point at The Padang (in front of City Hall).

Result in Division place = 365th place / Result in Gender (Male) = 2151st place

My Average Km = 6min 47 sec / My Average Speed is 8.8 kmph
My Actual running situation: 6Km non-stop (thats my limit) --> 500m walk to the next drinking point (Tyre puntured liaoz) --> Continue running the remaining 3.5Km

If you look at the below map, the WHITE route belongs to the 10Km route (the blue being the half-marathon). The Yellow arrow points at MY LOCATION when the Division Winner crossed the Finishing Line at 1h:0m:9s (and I am like over 7 mins behind...)

Unfortunately, I was unable to find my own marathon photos on the website. Got to search through a huge chunk of photos that were unidentified (due to obscure Bib number). ( T_T )

Lets take a look at the Full Marathon (42.195km) Winner...
Completion Time = 2h:14m:22s and an insane Average Speed = 18.8 Kmph !

Thats what is takes to be a Marathon Winner huh!
So~ any one for Dubai 2008 next month? Registration opens till 31st December 2007. . . (~.^)

My thoughts on the drinking station:

Damn waste of paper cups; its like a HUGE heap of cup mountain, and the Blanglah workers were like sweeping non-stop. I had my share of entering twice into the drinking station lane. Grabbing a cup of ice water WHILE running is not easy; I ended up spilling half the cup onto my pants and shoes.

In addition, many runners were rather inconsiderate; they zip in and out of the drinking station, cutting into your path narrowly, increasing the risk of tripping over them. After passing a couple of drinking stations, I learnt to veer off to the other side of the drinking station for safety reasons.

Also, the ground is very wet and full of used paper cups, all trampled flat; not all the runners threw the used cups to the side of the road (where the main mountains are). I witness several runners skidding a couple of inches when they stepped over them. Kinda dangerous.

Worst, some runners thought they are like Champion Marathon Runners; they grab the cups of water, took a sip, and threw the remainder OVER THEIR SHOULDERS... Without a heck whether or not there is another person behind! I had this fella in front of me who poured 2 cups of ice water over his head, while I had to "siam" outta the way of the water that came splashing towards me. Wat the heck?!

Towards the last drinking station was rather funny; its the ONLY station that serves 100PLUS. And the volunteers were hollering "100PLUS~ 100PLUS~ ...", guess what, 90% of the runners ahead of me veered into the drinking station lane. Wahahaha, I am suddenly running through Robinson Road alone, the whole street to myself. Nice feeling, really.