Monday, March 03, 2008


Kokuhen-san recently burnt S$900+ getting his very first Digital SLR...
Q to Kokuhen: "Still virgin...; haven bite the dust yet... (referring to Jiawoei's S$800+ Canon camera that our Taiwan tourguide dropped on the ground...)

Here're some of the photos he took with his new camera:
Some random leaf around Kallang Stadium drive...
Lovely Fauna... indoor studio
Favourite model of the year... Kureha... indoor studio as well
To view Kokuhen-san's complete collection, visit his FLICKR site here, and his Blog site here.

Kokuhen-san definitely caught my attention to ALTZERO's collection by first showing me this fantastic photoshot of Mina Mijikina:

I reckon ALTZERO pretty much does outdoor-shoots... as can be seen by his extensive props...
Neko's part of his props...

know what he did to this LAST.EXILE. Vanship?
1. hang the vanship with a thread.
2. put a light reflector in a lower direction and set an electronic flash to a direction of the light reflector.
3. photograph it with the camera attached with a fisheye lens from right under.
4. erase a thread by image editing software.
the result:
Here's another of his outdoor shoots:
the result:
Arvis from LAST.EXILE... one wrong move and she goes diving...
ALTZERO's collection can be viewed from his his FLICKR site here.

Been seriously poisoned by Kokuhen-san with all the pictures and photos he's been showing me... now I have listed Digital SLR on my buy-list... come to think of it... my sister's Pentax conventional SLR is currently collecting dust under my bed... *grin*

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dias said...

Hehe. If u got DSLR cam, we can go photo shoot together. U got Mina and kureha waiting for ya to take photo!! :)