Sunday, March 16, 2008

15th March 2008

Yay! I've appreciated another year! (They say men are like wine... )

Good weather for the day out~ here's a beautiful view of the sky I had Tonic-babe took from inside my car... simply loved the rays shining out from behind the clouds~

Dinner at SANTA FE @ Far East Plaza...
Nanchos never tasted this good~

My all-time favourite - Quesadillas... its simply MY type of food~
Top-Shelf Margaritas... the little cup that supposedly K.O.ed me...
(> ___ <) Alex ordered this - Philly Beef Steak (I think...)

Main course - Fajitas (1 pound of beef... eats 4 persons...), tortillas free-flow...
EVANGELION: 1.0 @ Cineleisure...
Anime-version (live-action still in the making...); dun try to understand this show or you'll fail miserably. Gonna cover this title... still loved the theme-song after so many years...
My present - MONOPOLY (Singapore Edition)!
Yay! I've always wanted one! Lets play MONOPOLY together next time ya?!
Thanks to Tonic-babe, Pooh, and DC (and everyone else whom I've missed out)!

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