Saturday, March 15, 2008

Make a choice...: Part 2

Make a choice...: Part 2
Allow me to make known to all, that these pictures come from 3 different posts from Dannychoo. I just find them funny, and since I haven been posting much pictures recently, I thought I can put these up for some entertainment.

Referring to body-fats... (not the breast-size, pls!) its very common to hear girls saying stuffs like "I wish I was thinner" or "I could lose another 5kgs"... I dunno about you girls, but when a bunch of guys get together, especially in camp, the general consensus over our "mens'talk" is that we prefer meatier girls with more curves, similar to how we like the aerodynamic curves on our cars.

I personally am okay with girls in the 10% - 60% range. Anything below 0% are just too skinny and unhealthy.

To my guy friends: Wat is your tolerance range when choosing your Kanojou?
To my girl friends: Which % are you standing in now?[男]
(Okay, something for the girls)
Referring to body-toning. Yea, some girls salivate (in their minds) at the sight of well-toned bodies of men. Basic instinct, nothing wrong about that. I honestly say, to reach the 40% range requires hell lots of iron-pumping and dieting.

Guys who reached those stages earn my respect for their endurance and determination, but seriously, "You've got no life staying in the gym all day!".

Probably the only thing I would hate about achieving toned-bodies anything below 20% is that one would need to keep pumping-irons regularly in order to maintain it (and prevent the muscles from sagging; and it will look horrible when they sag). Its not like a driver's license that "once-you-got-it, you-can-heck-care".

I think I stand at 70% (for someone my built) when I flex my body muscles to the max. I am lazy okay?

To my girl friends: Wat is your tolerance range when choosing your boy-boy?
To my guy friends: Which % are you standing in now?

Lets have some fun... you see a group of legs... I think D poses well, and A looks good too... which is your choice? I'll reveal the top half of this picture in next week...

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