Monday, March 31, 2008

Make a choice...: Part 3

In my previous post [Make a choice...: Part 2], I posted a picture of a group of legs. Have you made your choice yet?

Here's the full picture of who the legs belong to. Girls look kawaii in sailor-fuku, no? The uniforms reminds me of Umishou's school uniform too; a recommended anime.


Anonymous said...

Whoah! This are cute girls, really! Who they are, a girl group?

Anonymous said...

I second. What's the name of this girl group, please.

Anonymous said...

I'm again... Are you still alive?
Please post an answer.
Aug 16, 2009

Anonymous said...

again...You are dead?!
Or even not polite.
So, please do not answer!
Sep 10, 2009

[Q] said...

My apologies,

Sorry, I do not know which group they are called. Nor were they even in the same group to begin with.

Thanks for dropping by.