Monday, March 24, 2008

Driving: The responsibilities of a driver

[WARNING: This video features a CCTV camera recordings of an accident involving a truck and a motorcycle. Contains disturbing and gruesome scenes.]

This is one of the reason why instructors at driving schools tell students to stay alert and check your mirrors at all times...

Q: The footage looks "China" to me (being vehicles are left-hand drives, and slower moving vehicles keep right). I remember the time when I was in Guangzhou, the roads are so "Bor-Zen-Hu" (no govt) that I wun dare drive even if you give me a Ferrari. As can be seen from the beginning of the footage, a silver car has continued a forward path despite being on a left-turn only lane...

I interpreted the footage as that the motorcyclist has overtaken the truck from the 'blind'-side without gaining ample distance ahead of the truck and travelling at a speed slower than the truck. I've driven class-4 dumptrucks before, and judging from the position of the motorcyclist, the truck driver can barely see the motorcycle because of the height of the cabin. Its just tragic that the motorcyclist has chosen the wrong vehicle to overtake... still, its just only my side of interpretation; how do you see this footage as?

Lessons to refresh:
1) Never change lanes while crossing a junction;
2) Plan your route and form up in the correct lane early;
3) Adhere to designated lane-directions;

4) Do not overtake abruptly;
5) Do not overtake vehicles travelling faster than your vehicle;
6) Overtake only from the right (being left in left-hand-drive roads like the one above);
7) Stay alert at all times;
8) Stay within speed limits;
9) Pray that you dun encounter any bobo-drivers...

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