Monday, July 19, 2010

Lolicon Hacks 150 Schoolgirl Webcams

Lolicon Hacks 150 Schoolgirl Webcams
Original post from Sankaku Complex.

Q: "I recalled an earlier post of mine where I mentioned reading up an article on that it is 'not impossible' that someone could hack into your webcam and use it to spy on you. Well, today I just chanced upon another news article on this matter and I confirmed that such things have happened, and such malice will continue to be done so, at least until the common folks out there knows how to protect themselves."

Police are hunting a hacker who hacked 150 schoolgirl webcams using a trojan.

An electrical engineer, working with a group which holds lectures in German schools about the privacy dangers of the Internet, was approached by girls with a curious problem with their webcams – “Two girls told me that the indicator light on their webcams were always on.”

Investigating the suspect computers, he soon discovered them to be infected with a trojan capable of controlling the computer’s webcam, apparently spread through using popular messaging software ICQ. The hacker was apparently able to email images back to himself at will.

The attacks appeared to originate from the German town of Aachen.

Police are currently investigating the case, saying that at least 150 girls were affected.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

“Experts”: 3 Minute Sex “Adequate,” 13 Minutes “Too Long”

Experts say sex lasting more than 13 minutes is “too long” and that a lightning encounter of only 3-7 minutes is quite adequate.

A survey of 50 members of the Society for Sex Therapy and Research, an industry group for sex counsellors drawing in a variety of “psychologists, physicians, social workers, marriage/family therapists and nurses,” asked them what they considered the ideal length for a sexual encounter to be.

They mostly indicated that sex lasting from 3-7 minutes was “adequate,” and from 7-13 minutes “desirable.” However, more than 13 minutes was “too long.”

They did concede that sex lasting only 1-2 minutes was “too short.”

A psychology professor with the group explains that he hopes the results will encourage couples not to think there is anything wrong with the most pathetically fleeting of encounters:

“Today’s popular culture has reinforced stereotypes about sexual activity.

Many men and women seem to believe the fantasy of… all-night-long intercourse.

This seems a situation ripe for disappointment and dissatisfaction.

We hope this survey will dispel fantasies and encourage men and women with realistic data.”

Advice sure to keep people happy and content with their sex lives, and away from expensive counselling services.

Friday, January 01, 2010


Oh Geez, I can't believe time flies so fast! I was so busy I didn't really have time to update my blog until like now? 14 February 2010, and here I am, sitting at home update "December 2009"'s stuff...

01 December 2009 @ Arab Street~
What else would I be there for? Zam Zam's roti prata of course!

Dad was heading into Kalimantan Timor again, and so we bought like a few dozens of these oily pratas for him to 'ta-bao' in~ 02 December 2009
Getting a trim at QB house~ probably the best commercial inventions this decade. ^^
03 December 2009
Giants Hypermart~ I've been there so often I knew exactly where most stuff are located... just like IKEA...
04 December 2009
Accident along Fort Canning Road... Had my headlights and front bumper dented...
But the other fella had it worse~
That bloody farker (ahem, pardon the vulgarities) reversed his car out of the parking lot butt first without checking on-coming traffic on the driveway and rammed right into my car.
Was a 30 year old bespectable arsehole. Got his friends over as backup (apparently just ended a gathering nearby).
Minor accident gained me valuable experience~
The bugger ended up refusing to admit that it was his mistake and even attempted to declare that both parties are at fault~
His car plate is SGR 8556 H~ a Dark Blue Toyota Axio~ and his bunch of friends who came to his aid were siding him and adding pepper and salt here and there~05 December 2009
First thing in the morning was to make a trip down to IDAC (Independent Damage Assessment Centre) at Kaki Bukit~ Wrote down my report and decided to claim that bloody arsehole's insurance... One good information I got off the IDAC lady was that the SGR 8556 H had several previous cases of accident too.
IDAC recommended over a so-called "Comfort appointed Workshop" and they loaned me this Toyota Vios as they drove off my car to their Defu Lane workshop. But I tell you, that so called "Comfort Appointed" workshop is also a crappy one. Shady workshop boss who quoted me the repairs fees without an official letterhead.
I was aware of the market price and knew immediately that the repair fees were ridiculous. But I went ahead anyways because its not a matter of PRICE, but a matter of TIME. I needed the repairs done ASAP.
By the way, the workshop boss called me up the same day saying that the SGR 8556 H driver lodged his side of the report stating that the collision was like "He was trying to park his car (Head-in) and I rammed into him from behind". Wow. I applauded.
07 December 2009 @ KK Hospital~
I suppose any guys / men will be extremely anxious being at this place... its the place where most men "level-up" into the rank called "Father".
But it wasn't like what you think~ I accompanied my darling here for an ultra-scan only~ ^^
Headed over to Jalan Berseh for Laksa for lunch~! Yummy!
Strolled down Orchard Road on a weekday~ what a luxury~
Couple of new shopping malls sprouted up like mushrooms~
Tea break at ToastBox~
Lacoste apparels... When you run out of ideas, just repeat the logo / emblem several things and twist it around and voila~! You got another design~
I couldn't help laughing~
Right outside Takashimaya~ I almost fainted seeing this...
Finally ended the Orchard stroll at ION... I think people can get lost here...
Dinner at a Chinese restaurant inside ION... forgot the name~
09 December 2009 @ City Square Mall~
Was in town to run some errands...
Came to Jalan Berseh to inspect some goods...
Topping up at the Petrol station before home...
10 December 2009
At the local community centre collecting the 2010 phonebook~
Definitely delicious~ but I forgot where I had this... ^^||
Evening at Raffles City~ meeting up a University Classmate~ ended up at Burger Kings instead... budget budget~
11 December 2009
Took mum to Chinatown~
Ann Chin~ its a Popiah Stall situated at the Smith Street Hawker Centre~ reportedly so good that business was busy~ Uncle bakes the Popiah skin on-the-spot~ its pretty interesting seeing him swirl the dough on one hand, smears the dough onto the hotplate, and scrapes the hardened popiah skin off onto a huge stack with the other hand~
my Food-Critic verdict for this stall = "So So only lah~"
If you are ever at the Smith Street Hawker Centre, you got to try this stall's Char Kway Teow~ Then you will truly understand what it means to eat "Orh See You Kway Teow" (Kway Teow with Black Sauce" - Totally no taste of the "Fried" smell~ EPIC FAIL.
3:13pm~ Shopping at OG~ as usual~ purchase of over a certain amount entitles customers to redeem an Oyster~
Service staff will open up the oyster on-the-spot ...
and out came a PEARL~! ^^
12 December 2009
@ JB hair salon~ went there for very cheap hair wash and the "too-friendly" stylist re-do my hair so badly... I TOTALLY HATE IT, but I enjoyed the little fun~ ^^
Spent the rest of the day shopping and eating~
14 December 2009
At Chinatown again~ Thumbs up for their food~
Love the pasar malum at Chinatown~ ^^
At City Square Mall's popular bookstore~ choosing a 2010 calendar diary for my darling~
15 December 2009
At City Square Mall again~ tea break time~ Fried Carrot Cake with Kopi~
16 December 2009
At IMM's Ajisen Ramen for lunch~
I love Japanese Food, and I have very high expectations of them. I've definitely eaten authentic Japanese Ramen (in Japan)... whatever they are selling at Ajisen compared to the price they are selling at, is VERY REASONABLE. Read: You pay for what you eat. With S$10.00 a bowl, its CRAP Ramen. I'd rather cook instant noodles and it would have tasted better.
2:01pm~ well since I was in IMM, its unavoidable that I have to drop by Daiso for some impulse purchase training.
17 December 2009
At Lorong Halus~ (aka. Pasir Ris Farmway)... Dog lovers would love this information...
With all those Pet craze picking up these few years... several near-your-home Pet retail shops sprouted up... like Pet Safari, Ericsson Pet Farm, etc... and so Puppies were sold for like +/- $1500 so on and so forth...
What many didn't know, is that you can actually get them cheaply at Lorong Halus... walk in and search for these rows of little houses...They are called Kennel~ some 12 houses of them... Puppies could range from S$450 and up~but that was like 2 years back...
I was here again this time round~ and was surprised to see that some of the "big names' has taken over the area...
so a tiny Chihuahua like this was quoted to me for S$800+. Then again, prices here are not fixed, as when I brought my friend's sister over, they quoted her S$900+. (oh the little Dachshund on the right was going for S$690). ^^ Please be a responsible pet owner and consider 10 times before taking one home.
18 December 2009 @ Kallang Leisure~
There to pick up my Nendoroid~ Akiyama Mio of K-ON~!
Kawaii deshou~?
4:11pm at 四马路观音庙~
8:17pm @ Bugis Junction with my darling~ Christmas mood in the air~
19 December 2009 @ Ang Mo Kio~
Pine Garden's Cake~ love the cakes here~ so many flavours~
Address: Blk 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Singapore 560529. There are 2 outlets in fact... owned by 2 sisters. #01-2369 and #01-2329.
7:06pm~ Girlfriend made delicious dinner for me~! 10 stars out of 10 stars~21 December 2009
Retrieved some goods from my supplier and planning to have them delivered to my forwarder the next day...
These are Hydraulic Cylinders, and each weights about 27Kg~ its like carrying a 6 years old kid...
22 December 2009
Grocery shopping with mum at NTUC~
this is probably my favourite section~
Korean strawberries are a thumbs up~
24 December 2009
At Marina Square... there is this toy shop right outside the Marina GV... Being a Nendoroid collector myself... one look and I can tell that these are NOT AUTHENTIC stuff... I didn't say they're fake~ but I know they are NOT AUTHENTIC... I compare the paintworks with mine and I know mine definitely has far superior paintworks and workmanship than any of these here... Tip: Authentic Nendoroids have a more "Matt" paintwork... if yours is glossy, its probably fake.Since they are already selling Nendoroids that I think are "NOT AUTHENTIC" here, I dunno whether the rest of the toys here are good stuff or inferior goods.... I leave it to customers to decide for themselves...
Girlfriend bought me a logcake~ how sweet~!
25 December 2009
Its Christmas day! At Katong for Laksa~ ^^
26 December 2009
Attended Yvel's wedding at Novotel~
28 December 2009
At Century Square~ The old Shop N Save made way for NTUC Finest~ damn NTUC...
8:30pm at Parkway~ accompanied Honda there to buy his bicycle~ ^^
30 December 2009
At supplier's place inspecting a Dual-Station unit...
12:22pm~ at City Square Mall for lunch~
1:30pm~ along Geylang ~ heading for the furniture shop ahead...
2:08pm~ headed to another furniture shop... mum was trying to get her bed replaced after sleeping on it for the past 20 over years...
3:00pm~ we ended up at Courts... and made the purchase here...
6:36pm~ @ Chomp Chomps~ Egg Tofu~! Love it~!
8:03pm~ If I could recall... I was at PS Carrefour... sign reads "For emergency use. Please do not block this Area. Disciplinary action will be .... by store manager". So its blocked... and even if its not blocked... what happens during emergency? This little hole here is meant for people to escape through?
31 December 2009
At Jalan Berseh for Laksa again~ ^^
That sums up the December for year 2009~! Thanks for reading!