Saturday, March 15, 2008

Local Man Disappointed by 10,000 BC

Local Man Disappointed by 10,000 BC
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by Kway Kah Chng

A minor misreading of the title led Bukit Gorblok resident Quah Sah Lah to extreme disappointment with the caveman movie, “10,000 B.C.”.

“Wah lan eh!” said Mr. Quah, 78. “I heard the movie very exciting… but there was not a single C.B. inside, nehmine 10,000. Damn cheat my money one!”

Mr. Quah said that the movie, set in pre-historic times, was the first he had seen outside of Yangtze Cinema at Pearls Centre in Chinatown.

“I heard some gin nah say 10,000 C.B. got a man wrestling with a giant pussy,” he said. “Lai dat how not to go and see?”

Little did he expect that the giant pussy was a saber-toothed tiger, and that he had misread “B.C.” as “C.B.”.

“Nao hiah!” he complained. “Who want to see some guy fighting some hairy elephant? If I want to fight a hairy elephant, I can just stay home with my wife!”

The film has also apparently led to some psychological trauma for Mr. Quah.

“Before I went in, I took some Viagra to make the experience more steam,” he said. “Now, the sight of every hairy elephant makes me steam! Wah lau, you know how condemn it is to get an erection when watching Sesame Street, not? Because now my little kukucheow becomes a Big Bird whenever Snuffleupagus turns up!”

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