Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pandora's Box

Was watching Stephen Chow's Journey to the West: Pandora Box (for the 7th time) on SCV on a certain afternoon... towards the end, Sun Wu Kong said a sentence... and this sentence was subsequently used in several other movies.

I personally find this sentence very emotionally laced, and I like it. I cannot remember the full verse, but its something like the below:

若要在这句话套上一个期限, 我希望是一万年。

Sunday, May 20, 2007



I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this on the shelf! This is the famous Traditional Porcelain Pig Koro! Its an incense burner where Japanese use to burn incense during the summer to ward off mosquitoes~

I have been wanting to get this for a long time!
(No way I am gonna tell you where I bought this >p ; even if I do, sorry, I wiped off the shelf clean of all these Pig Koros.)

Aren't they cute~? I bought 3; one for HH, one for myself, and one more for any lucky friend who's gonna celebrate birthday. However, after taking this picture, I have decided not to separate them. Both look so cute~!

Got this "bao" from HH; bought from The Central. HH told me to eat this after my shower. . . well, I just came out from shower and enthusiatically started writing this blog-entry. . . lemme try it and tell you how it taste...

*Grabs packet. . .*
*tear. . .*
*smell...* smells like chinese "bao"...
*lick...* oily surface... (>,< )
*bite!* Hmm...

The white skin is crusty and thin; the inside is filled with thick rich red-bean paste with a tingle of japanese rice-wine! Ooo, so sinful~!

Oh well, since I am snapping pictures away at home, I might as well take the chance to show-off some of the cute little things I have bought...

Little black devil handphone beanbag... simply adorable...

And I am the proud owner of this cute little handphone! Only L:9cm, W:3.5cm, 1.5cm thick!
MP3 phone and Micro-SD memory-card expandable!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Fun filled evening! 3rd time to VIVO, but first time to go to the top level. Its like another world up there. Seeing lotsa couples up there soaking their feets in the water or strolling knee-deep in the water brings back memories of me and HH. Ha ha. . .

My colleagues are a bunch of very trigger-happy ppl with a camera. My time in the company and all the photos i took in a month there can be more than what I took in a year with my usual camera-shy friends. Dinner outing: $20; Camera: $600; Fun-filled Memories: Priceless.

Look at what we did with a wall of bushes. . . we laughed so hard we were perspiring. . .

Looks real eh?

Dinner table. . .
Oh did I mentioned we harrassed Mr Big 'O Cow outside Marche? We were on the verge of posing a picture with us squeezing milk. . . xD

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

Yea~ its Mother's Day. I know (becuz HH told me before), so Sunday i took my mum to see her mum. . . xD

As usual, grandma asks for HH. So did a couple of my aunties. Wish she was here too, but I know she has her mom to accompany as well =)

Lunch was a nice buffet, i was hungry by then anyways. . .
Menu includes. . .
1) Fried-rice
2) Green Green Broccoli with Mushrooms (=__=)
3) Ebi Tempura (Yummy!)
4) Mutton Curry
5) Soon-Kuay with Sweet Sauce
6) Fried-fish with sweet & sour sauce
7) Curry Samosa (Yummy)
8) Chocolate Eclair (Yummy!)
9) Chilled Mixed-Fruit Dessert (peach/sea-coconut/pineapple/longan/cherry/nata de coco)
10) Fruit cordial drinks

Oh did I mentioned that my 4th uncle does such buffet catering for a living? so recently, all my past 3 HDB buffet were serviced by him! Next time I got buffet, I will call him too, cuz the food is good, and got money let own ppl earn better mah hor?

Whole afternoon there. . . so bored until the Chinese Vampire (Jiang-Shi) show aired. Very old film, but never failed to make people laugh. My favourite!

Well, dinner was the same buffet food too. . . (=_=) to my dismay. Ate a little before heading home.

By 6:45pm I am already at THL's place. . . there for dinner outing.
Ended up we called-in KFC and watch The Condor Heros (i was so~ tempted to write "God-Eagle-Swordsmen-Couple xD ).
3-guys on THL's bed eating KFC and watching TV - one of the few things in life you will remember for a long time~ scandalous. . .


Saturday began in the afternoon; simply becuz I slept until the sun shines on my butt. . . =p
Boring day becuz HH is busy at work to accompany me to Sim Lim to buy DVDs (yes i burnt up all 25 pcs of my DVDs, mostly on Bleach; and without HH, I am simply Fluffly lost without plans).

Its only until evening time did Honda called for DoTA session. YES! I've been waiting for this opportunity to put all my practice into actual combat! Muahahaha~ I was on auto-BLOODLUST mode the moment I stepped into H.I.G.H., I could smell blood in the air. . . I couldn't wait to kill. And you've guess it, I chose all the super-nukers.

Venomancer was the first character for the first game, chosen becuz its one of the few characters you can go one-on-one and sure-win. Instead of the usual item-built, I went out solely on Tangos and Clarity, just to last that little longer with sufficient mp for 3 nukes.

It paid off - FIRSTBLOOD by level 3 by me! xD

Next game was even better - I chose LUNA - one of the characters you wish you will never bump into alone if you're in the opposite team.

Heres what happened:

Saw Honda's Omni-Knight approach me head-on. . .
My LUNA's "Eclipse" just reach its maximum of level 3 with its cool down at 98%. . .
Then Dragon-Knight (enemy too) came up from my bottom right. . .
My finger is already on turbo-speed pressing the shortcut button for 99% cooled "Eclipse". . .
Then Hongren's Bone Fletcher appeared on my top left outta his wind-walk to ambush me. . .
Yes, they planned to gang up on me. . . but. . .
"Dong~!" (Birds-Chirps and the moonlight came channeling down forcefully on all 3 of them...)

Die. . .
Ownage. . .
Double-Kill. . .