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1st March 2008

1st March 2008

Singapore Flyer opens to Public
The Singapore Flyer, the world's largest observation wheel (currently), opened its doors to the public today.
Facts and figures:

  • Diameter of the wheel .... 150 metres
  • Height .......................... 165 metres (approx. 42 storey building)
  • Duration of ride ............. 30 minutes
  • Capsules ...................... 28 fully air-con (thank goodness!) and UV protected
  • Capacity ....................... 4m x 7m, for up to 28 people each.

What you should know:

(Below picture: many months ago, before even the wheel axles were fixed on, some of friends had asked me what that huge white structure was... thinking that the constructions for the Integrated Resorts are set to be around the vicinity, I had thought that was like some sort of gigantic hoist commonly seen at shipyards... so embarrassing thinking back...)

Search for J.I. leader continues with posters put up islandwide
(aka: "Terrorist still at large" or "Police still unable to capture the escaped J.I leader")

After like 72 hours since the terrorist-with-a-limp escaped, the Police still hasn't any clue of Mas Selamat Bin Kastari's whereabouts.

Mas Selamat Bin Kastari (thereafter abbrev. "MSBK" for his darn long name) was detained under Singapore's Internal Security Act, for plotting a terror-attack on Singapore Changi Airport in year 2002. He was arrested in year 2006 by the Indonesian authorities and thereafter extradited to Singapore. (Fact: the Singapore Police never did managed to capture him before.)

The Interpol has released an Orange Notice (urgent worldwide security alert) consisting of MSBK's photo, fingerprints, and essential elements to help law enforcement officers in their search and eventual verification of his identity when located and arrested.

Here's a list of speculations and remarks I've heard thus far:

  • "MSBK fled from the toilet at the detention centre when his family was visiting... wah, I thought that only happens in HK movies... "
  • "the detention centre has armed guards, high wire fences and CCTV cameras... wah piang, the 'Gah-men' are like slapping themselves in the face, telling the whole world that a 'Pai-Kah' limped his way out of the place without anyone knowing..."
  • "... probably an inside job lah..."
  • "... 40 over hours still a large... he must have been picked up by people from the terrorist network already... probably already made his way out of Singapore..."
  • "... got armed Gurkha mercenaries, police officers, Police Special Operations Command officers and army guardsmans on the prowl for him leh... wah piang, the louder the name, the more malu our Gah-men is as the hours drags on and still no result from this group of elites..."
  • "... he is not known to be armed... I think the reports are stupid; not armed doesn't mean he cannot armed himself after that... wah kaoz... I can always pick up a tiger beer bottle, smash it, then stab u gruesomely to death..."
  • "... wah the chief for that detention centre sure kenna jia-liat jia-liat... confirm demotion + condemnation..."

(Inserted dialogue: Terrorist are trained since young to ambush ang moh soldiers...)

Man with armed-NSman Dave Teo appealing sentence
The man convicted for not reporting on his armed friend, is appealing the sentence.

Earlier this week, Ong Boon Jun was handed a six-and-a-half year jail term + six strokes of the cane for not reporting on Dave Teo Ming, who had a stolen rifle with him.

Ong is appealing because he thinks the sentence is not fair and is excessive.

Last September, Ong was with national serviceman Dave Teo Ming in a Geylang hotel, while Teo was carrying a firearm. - Channel News Asia

Q: TOUGH LUCK... our gah-men always adopts the 杀一警百 (kill one to warn a hundred) method. The first one gets it the toughest. You only have yourself to blame for hanging around with that kinda idiots.

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