Thursday, January 31, 2008

2nd Japanese Occupation: Embrace or Reject?

Kew: ASSUMING... if World War 3 is gonna border around Nuclears / Chemical / Infocomm (hacking) warfare... then World War 4 is probably gonna be owned by the Land of the Rising Sun (again).

(source: listed at end of this post)
"After Japan lost the last war, they signed a treaty that stated that Japan was not allowed to form an army of humans. But there was nothing in the treaty mentioning that Japan wasn't allowed to form an army of Gundams... "

"The Japanese Ministry of Defense held a Defense Technology Symposium where part of the program covers "Towards the realization of Gundam" - the program is available in PDF format on the Department of Ground Systems Development page. Below is a snap of the PDF file showing "Towards The Realization Of Gundam (Advanced Personal Equipment Systems)" which kinda stipulates some sort of walker suit but you never know..."
PINK TENTACLE held a breakdown of the cost in building a Gundam:

"According to an estimate published on the SciencePortal website run by the Japan Science and Technology Agency. The price tag for this giant humanoid, which would stand 18 meters (60 feet) tall and weigh 43.4 metric tons (nearly 100,000 lbs), does not include the cost of labor (this is where an extensive pool of robot slave labor comes in handy), nor does it include the cost of the infrastructure needed to support the machine once you are ready to climb aboard and take it for a walk. "

"Note that unlike in the anime, the Gundam described here would merely be able to walk — it would not have the ability to fly or have any fancy weaponry. Also, instead of Gundanium, the robot would be covered in aluminum alloy plating.

An IBM Blue Gene supercomputer would serve as the Gundam’s computer system ($1.5 million sounds like a steal), and its movements would be driven by 30 giant 400KW motors — 12 in the legs, 2 in the torso, 14 in the arms, and 2 in the neck. A 400KW motor is quite powerful — by comparison, the Shinkansen bullet train uses a 300KW motor. The motors alone would cost $7.8 million, but to power them would require the equivalent of 7 Apache helicopter engines (the helicopters cost an estimated $52 million each).

While $700 million is a lot of money, it does not seem like so much when you compare it to the cost of other large-scale machinery. Military tanks costs around $4 to $7 million each, commercial passenger planes cost around $200 to $300 million, rockets can cost around $100 million to launch, expensive fighter jets can cost billions, and aircraft carriers cost about $5 billion."

"A robot of this size and stature would face a number of physical challenges, such as the inability to walk without completely destroying the ground surface beneath its feet. When humans walk, we exert about 1.5 times our body weight of pressure on the ground (and on our feet) with each step. This poses a huge problem for a 43-ton humanoid, which would probably need to have very wide feet (to distribute the pressure over a larger area) and walk very very slowly. Dinosaurs found a way to get around, though, so giant robots probably can, too.

But perhaps the greatest challenge of all would be to find the funding for an enormous walking machine with no apparent practical or military application."

1) Dannychoo’s (
2) Science Portal (
3) Pink Tentacle (
4) Japanese Ministry of Defense (
5) Department of Ground Systems Development (

(Kew: "no practical or military application"? I dun think so~~ and with regards to a 2nd Japanese Occupation, if my assumption above, of WWIV, is actualized, although the first occupation didn't happened during my time, I wonder if people these days are ready to embrace it or not? Considering J-pop culture was SO HOT those days, even till now. I, for one, will be the first to adopt a new Japanese name - " 根本英俊 " wakakaka...)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008



Just done watching Kimura Takuya's HERO...
Special thanks to Xiao-P for lending me!
So much fun watching it~! You simply can't stop at just one episode~
I've heard of Kimura's HERO some years back (year 2001), but didn't really have the time to watch it. It was only after I watched the special movie released in November 2007 did I decide to get my hands on the drama series...
Synopsis (taken from Drama Wiki)
Kuryu Kohei (played by Kimura Takuya) is a former juvenile delinquent that drops out of junior high and goes on to earn a high school equivalency diploma. After passing the law board exams, Kuryu becomes a prosecutor. Not your typical prosecutor, which is quickly seen through the clothes that he wears, Kuryu possesses quick instincts and a kind of cleverness that only someone raised on the streets could have.

Maiko Amamiya, (played by Matsu Takako) plays Kuryu's assistant. The shrewd Amamiya, who has her eyes set on passing the exam to become a deputy prosecutor, tries her best to be noticed by her boss. Kuryu, on the other hand, after earning a reputation for doing top-notch work is transferred to Amamiya's division, and finally opens his eyes to the possibility of promotion. Unfortunately, his unprecedented work behavior abruptly brings things to a halt.

Although earning a reputation as a bad apple, the influence from Kuryu's strong pursuit of justice slowly begins to change things around him. This drama is filled with it all; love, laughs and lots of emotion. -Fuji TV
Here's a preview of the cast...
What I loved about this drama series:
1) Kuryu's habit of ordering from "Luigi's Online Shop" - a spanish TV mail order program featuring weird exercise equipments and using them in his office;
2) the scandalous but funny affair between Nakamura Misuzu and Shibayama Mitsugu, under watchful eyes of their colleagues;
3) the unreciprocated 1-sided love of Egami Tatsuo towards Amamiya Maiko;
4) the growing romance between Amamiya and Kuryu;
5) "St.George's Tavern" Bartender, who can produce almost anything asked of him, with an "Aru-yo~" (有的~), even sun-block lotion!;
6) Countless comedy scenes;
Here's Kuryu's outfit...
Oh! There is also another special movie released in year 2006... gotta get my hands on this!

Hacking Windows

Hacking Windows
1) Grab Axe with both hands...
2) Choose window...
3) Swing axe
My sister took-off with my beloved camera to Taiwan, so this post is gonna be wordy...

I found an old book underneath my bed while spring-cleaning... and before I throw it away, I thought I can share it with my friends here...

Disclaimer: I am NOT an expert in computer / hacking... I am just copying word for word from the book titled - "Ethical Hacking". Hackers or computer experts, please move on~

By the way, the below works with Windows 95 and Windows 98 (that's why I am throwing it away since everyone is at XP or Vista already...) so for those whose office computer is still in their ancient era, this might help~)

Windows asking you for a password before you log in is already common-thing and we’re so used to it. But if you are so messed up that you don’t even remember your own password, here is how you can get pass it.


After this hack, you will know why a hacker running Windows is considered to be lame and why a hacker laughs whenever someone says “Microsoft” and “Security” in the same sentence.

To hack the Windows login password, reboot and wait for the message:

“Starting Windows 9x…”

When you see this on the screen, press F8. The boot menu will come up. Select option 7, to boot into DOS. Then go to the Windows directory by typing:

C:\>cd windows

Then, rename all files with the extension .pwl by typing the following command:

C:\windows>ren *.pwl *.xyz

Or, delete them by typing:

C:windows>del *.pwl *.xyz

Now, when the Window password login pops up, you can write anything in the place where the password has to be typed. As you have renamed (or deleted – although renaming them would be better as the victim will not know that his PC has been tampered with) the password files, Windows cannot find that file, so when you enter a password, Windows just takes it as the original password.

That's all! Simple!
Of course, the critical button here is that F8 key, which can be disabled. But I am not telling since it involved meddling dangerously with the sensitive MSDOS system file.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Taiwan Trip Photo Updates...

Finally done updating all the photos in my 8 Days Taiwan Trip!

Gonna start saving for my next trip!

Monday, January 28, 2008

A typical day out...

@ CHINATOWN (28 Jan 2008)
was at Chinatown (again)... so lively there~~~ ( ^___^ )

Mum was engrossed with this pot demonstration...

while I was happily shooting everything in my way... here's right infront of the Chinatown MRT entrance/exit.

Was on the "other" (pagoda/temple/smith streets) side last week... even more crowded there...

For the sweet-tooths just like me, now is the best season to be at Chinatown; lotsa free testing of fortune sweets~ 发财糖果~ hehehe~

Oh, spotted these beautiful teapots~ so traditional feel~

and notice those traditional kopitiam saucers n teacup~? Selling for so cheap here~

Some things to do while you are there... Head over to People's Park Complex...
Right outside Level 2, Overseas Emporium 中侨百货...

You should be able to see this brightly lited wall...
featuring the Chinese Horoscope for Rat Year~!
Search out your respective Chinese Zodiac ~ many people specially come here annually to check out their own fortune...
Of course, since I am there with a camera... I did the easy way out... wakakaka...
Reads of "General", "Wealth", "Career", "Love" and "Health"...

Of course, let me share the general portion with you here... (I pulled out the 76/55/62/40/ and 16 yrs old portion...). If you want the whole thing, MSN me for it ya~? I still have Zodiac reading for Goat, Monkey and Pig...

The Year of the Rooster
To A great year lies ahead of you. The presence of many lucky stars will bring about many positive changes in your life and work throughout the year. Not only will you attain everything your heart desire, you will also be able to complete whatever difficult task left over from last year. So grab every opportunity that comes by speedily and you might be able to ride in the train of fame and fortune this year. However, as your zodiac sign is in direct clash with “Tai Sui” this year, you need to be alert for sudden appearance of problems possibly in the form of heated arguments. Such arguments could turn deadly so be more forgiving when dealing with such problems. To enhance your luck, you should perform more charitable deeds for the needy or participate in joyous occasions or celebrations held by your friends or relatives. Turning vegetarian or releasing captured animals will also help ensure that your luck runs longer than one year.

Readers aged 28 years old will have a smooth sailing year in life or at work. Be humble and kind so to maintain the good luck throughout the year. Do head overseas to work if the opportunity arises. Networking with successful people will be advantageous to your future.

@Eunos Industrial Area...
In case some of my friends were wondering what exactly do I meant by "run errands" for my dad... here's what I have to do sometimes...

Viewing goods that just arrived at the warehouse...
Inspecting them to check on the integrity...
this is an Anchor winch...

Monday, January 21, 2008

My Cup of Coffee...

My Cup of Coffee...
NO~ not this kind...

I was referring to this kind~
Was chit-chatting over MSN with an old friend the other day when the topic arrived at: "So, now that you've regained singlehood, what's your type of coffee like?".

I pondered for a while and had wanted to say "It depends..."; there has got to be this "She's the One..." feel. However, it does no-justice to those who cared enough about me to want to know and asked. So I guess I have to post a "rough-idea" (I edited off the "benchmark") out so my friends can help keep a lookout and perhaps introduce to me eh?

To make things simple, really simple, I reckon using S.H.E. offers the best example. This Trio is so successful because they possesses all aspects of the type of girls that all boys dreamt of.

Selina is dainty and pretty; Hebe is energetic and mischievous ; Ella is independent and brave.So, of these 3 girls, which is my preference? Below are my personal opinions...


(yea yea, I might attract thoughts like: "Come on lah~ take a look at yourself in the mirror first~" or some sort of thoughts. But would you even know who I am talking about if I were to refer names like "Lim Ai-Lian" or "Tan Bee-Choo"? Even female-friends will reference male celebrities like: "Oh~ he has got to look like Tom Cruise, Aaron Kwok, or Pierce Brosnan"and such... so I am merely using S.H.E. for a reference~ you get my idea? )

... ...

... ... ...

Hebe has got to be the one~!

Lets take another look at the 3 of them... *Strikes out Ella immediately...*
Hebe shines and stands out amongst them; possibly because I prefer dark-haired girls. I find her cute and pretty, and I can never get tired of looking at her.
非常耐看. She also emits the very comfortable and approachable aura.

Selina doesn't appeal to me; I will only label her "pretty". But I feel she doesn't have the "lasting look". (不耐看).

Of course, I ain't those type of person who goes for looks only...

I reinstate - I am only offering my caring friends a rough idea...

"Personality" and "Character" would be VERY hard to describe, don't you think so? You won't want me to start rattling about "Locus of Control", "Machiavellianism", or the "MBTIs". That will bore you to death.

Oh by the way, strong mental-will is an important criteria; smokers and religion-holders immediately gets striked-off my list. Total turn-off regardless whether you ARE Hebe or not~

This is my blog, PICTURES over words.

In conclusion, my cup of coffee is definitely the "H-Type" (and NO, it has nothing to do with that Japanese word even though they rhythm...) ( ^____^ *)

Speaking of which, if anyone of you has watched School Days, Hebe is just like Sekai Saionji, while Selina is like Kotonoha Kasura. I will feel more comfortable being with Sekai (the one with red cellphone).

Still looking around for my Hebe...


Was chit-chatting with MJ and the rest about Maple Story the other evening at the kopi-tiam and had the sudden urge to play... so downloaded the game client and installed it.

(Was pleasantly surprised at the superbly fast download-speed; 1.58 Megabytes per Second! The 866 MB game-client completed download in approx 10 mins! I remembered during my time, the game client was merely 250+MB and it took me half a day to download. Dammit.)

My character was still in El Nath, after having stopped playing last February (2007). My inventory still has the Ang Baos from Cai Shen last year!

Luckily, I was still in time to visit Happyville from X'mas'07~! Did you spot Santa Claus~? Jingle bells BGM!
Was excited to enter Aquaworld for the first time. There was so much hype when this world opened up last year, everybody went there straight away, while I was stuck in the depths of the El Nath mountains...
There was even a new Amoria Wedding Village~! So romantic!
Passed Aquaworld town and met Tae Gong...
And I arrived at the new Korean Folk Village... so many new quest!
Outside the Korean Folk Village... a beautiful Goblin Mountain...
and I slowly made my way to Ludibrium... after asking around for directions; was totally clueless how to get there. People's reaction was like: Where've you been these time?

My personal comments: Now that most of the players in Aquila has advanced to higher levels, there is no one to fight over maps with me anymore... playing is so much a breeze~ Nice~ I can take my own sweet time to play and explore... things are cheaper now, cuz market demand has dropped.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

10 Ways to Fix a Tie

This is definitely useful. I personally uses the "Double Cross Knot". What about you?
(yea, the chinese fellow spelt the "knot" wrongly...)

Guys practice a bit.
Ladies, practice more; fixing your guy's tie is definitely sexy.

Tip: If you fix the tie up correctly, it only takes 2-tugs and the tie becomes straight again; no dead-knots nor tangles. To test, just pull out the thinner-end from your neck area, then give the fat-end a tug to straighten the whole tie. If it doesn't end up in a dead-knot, it means you did correctly. Applys to the Double Cross Knot, not sure if it applies to the other versions too though~