Monday, March 17, 2008

16th March 2008


KUSHIN-BO @ Suntec City
Thanks to "Chomel" for making the reservations... I simply love Jap food above anything else... Return for Kushin-Bo again? Definitely!!!

and then begin attacking the buffet spread... ( ^ n ^ )v
20% of me stomach must be reserved for the huge selection of desserts...
caution: do not attempt to gobble down that whole piece of green mochi (like I did)... it'll turn u green too...
ARCADE & BOWLING @ Marina Square Watch me in action over the basketball shootout (didn't know this game could be so fun!), and me scoring an X in bowling... (thanks to XiaoP for videoing me)...
XiaoP: I didn't do it intentionally... it was just natural... =p

Final score: 115 (last row: Q)

My presents...
Creative Webcam! Yay! (no sleazy thoughts pls... I ain't no soccer punter, so u wun see me put 1/2-ball...)
A huge CD carry case! I seriously need this; I've got so many disc 'cakes' stacking up i can open a bakery soon... ASIASOFT 2008 CALENDAR (from XiaoP)! I've never been so happy receiving a calendar, especially since its filled with characters from ASIASOFT's arsenal of games, like Maplestory, Cabal, Pangya, and Audition!! Thats RAGNAROK ONLINE 2 below... xD Once again, thank you all my friends, for spending my birthday (or remembering) with me! Special thanks to my friends (not in order n not using real names where possible for privacy): Ah-Ben, THL, XiaoP, Botak, Kaabi, Chomel, Aurora, Tweet, Tonic-babe, Pooh, DC, Yvel, Fiblo, Shirumie, Xiaomei, Jessica n Kevin, and Minz.

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