Monday, February 25, 2008

Photoshop CS 3 Extended: Cracking it

Photoshop CS 3 Extended: Cracking it
Disclaimer: Posting these information does not mean that I have downloaded an illegal version of Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended. It also does not mean that I support Piracy. I just find this informational and decided to share it.

Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 3 Extended, what's the fuss about it? Watch the flash video (loads extremely fast!) on Adobe's homepage of the various professionals using it and see why. My favourite is the Web-designer's story. Click here.

Don't be surprised to find 2 editions of Photoshop CS 3. The Photoshop CS 3 Extended version could do much more than what the standard version could, which includes the below:

1. 3D visualization and texture editing
2. Motion graphics and video layers
3. Movie Paint
4. Measurement and data
5. DICOM support
6. MATLAB support

The full list of comparison can be viewed from the chart here.

Unfortunately for many designer-wannabes, this Adobe software shatters dreams... its retailing on Adobe's homepage @ USD 1,285.00 (ex. tax)!

SO... there is this Internet community out there, whom the rich calls them "Pirates", while the poor calls the "Saviors", that is up to some shenanigans...

Familiar with Bit-torrent? Yes, tracker sites like Mininova or ThePirateBay are already flooded with lists offering free versions of Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended... including KEYGENS.

However, problems are rampant with regards to trojan virus embedded in those keygens, fake torrents, people claiming it works 100%, complaints that its the standard edition instead of the extended one, complaints saying that it doesn't work, complaints that the program crashes their computers, advices about meddling with the registry or overwriting certain files, advices on changing computer dates, installing and uninstalling again, and many other problems...

Basically, getting a trial copy of Photoshop CS3 Extended is easy, but getting it to continue working after the 30days trial period is the main question many poor people out there are trying to figure out without infecting their precious computers with any trojan virus.

Oh come on, its USD 1,285.00 ONLY mah... Buy Original lor...

Anyways, recent news went around that the MKDEV Team has cracked the trial program and successfully removed the 30days countdown that prevents trial users from continuing using. Google for it and one can easily find the CRACK on the Internet.

Anyways, curiosity got the better of me and I "researched" further into the forums... turns out that downloaders are all compliments and thanks over this "Crack" by the MKDEV Team; no complaints at all.

Seems like its still the usual saying: "Piracy Rules".
Felt like trying out Photoshop CS 3 Extended for yourself? A 30days trial version is available right from Adobe's homepage here. You got to registered an account first though.

Ah, just a reminder, I got my copy as a bundled software from the Genius graphics tablet I bought recently. Most details in my previous post.

Well, now I got Photoshop CS3 Extended on my laptop... working PERFECTLY...

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