Thursday, February 21, 2008

Services in Japan Part 2

services - JAPAN HYGIENE
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Information quoted from Dannychoo (do visit)

"If the thought of laying your head on a girl's lap while having her clean your hairy waxy ear holes then this may be the thing for you..."

"After paying 2,500 yen for 30 mins or 4,500 yen for 60 mins, a girl dressed in traditional Japanese clothing will let you lay your head in her warm lap while she gives your ears a good going over..."

"First off you get some tea and a cold oshibori (wet towel). You then lay your head in her lap where upon she uses cold lotion to give your ears a massage. After that she proceeds to clean out your ears with an ear cleansing utensil..."

The ear cleaning establishment is called Nagomiya and is located in Akihabara.

Q's comment:
If ever I disappeared for an hour whilst in Akihabara, you will probably find me there... wakakaka...
An addition 30 mins extension cost 2,500 yen, which makes asking for the 60 mins package in the first place more worth your money. Requesting for your preferred girl (whose lap to lay on) cost an additional 500 yen. Okay, that sounds sleazy, but I ask for the same uncle when I am at the barber's anyway~

60 minutes is like too long? I doubt so; mum digs my ears when I was little, and I love it. I hate it when the session ends. Then again, I suppose another concern is of the safety of placing ur sensitive ears at the mercy of a stranger's hands. But when its Japan, I think I can rest assure under their professionalism.

Poor girl probably can't walk for a while if she's gonna be in that same position for the whole 60 mins! And if the customer fell asleep and drools.... Eewwww~

(Sidetrack: I remembered reading an article before that the skin lining human ear canals are 'migratory'; meaning they grow outwards, bringing dirt/wax out, so digging ears are not really necessary unless it cause discomfort or hearing problems.

I found another similar article which you can read it here.)

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