Sunday, February 24, 2008

Services in Japan Part 4


Information (in italics) wholly quoted from Dannychoo (do visit); pictures from Akiba Map.

"Are you 99.9% devoted to 2D girls where the other 0.1% is casually curious about 3D girls? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in a 3D girls bedroom playing with her in pajamas? Well wonder no more thanks to the entrepreneurial otaku business mind..."

"AkibaMap brings us coverage of Akiba Girls Domitory [[Akiba Jyoshi Ryo]あきば女子寮] - a bit like the maid cafes without the food. Well you can bring your own food but they charge you an extra 500 yen - for bringing *your own food*! Not much different than a slap in the face with a wet dog..."

"Below: The dormitory is an office done up to look like a dorm filled with girls bedrooms..."
Q: I spot a PS controller...
"Below: Some of the bed rooms have a Wii. The girl will grab your Wiimote and yank it around the room..."
"Below: And this is what it all costs...
1,680 yen - "Normal" course (Sit with girl in her room and talk)
2,000 yen - "Lil Massage" course (Girl massages your shoulders on your way out)
2,300 yen - "Deluxe" course (Girl massages your shoulders and hands... )

1,000 yen - "Normal" course for girls (for girls who are "girls-love" types)
1,500 yen - Girls photo course - you can wear the girls costumes and take photos."
"All the courses above last 30 mins where they then chuck you out. If you want to play games like "paper scissors stone" with the girl then they charge you a measly 200 yen extra. Thats not all folks, they have more extras to add to the bill which should hopefully bleed the otaku dry of their money as follows.

1,000 yen - "Koromo Gae" - pay this to get the girl to change into a costume.
1,000 yen - Chekki - "Chekki" is a product (by fuji film I think) - a bit like an instant poloroid camera. Pay this to have a pic with the girl. Then take the pic and show your friends who your new girlfriend is.

1,000 yen - "Renai Manga" - "Renai" means "Romance." The girl will read you a romantic manga - you are not allowed to have your hands in your pocket while she reads.
1,000 yen - "Binta" - a "Binta" is a slap to the face. Yes! pay to be slapped in the face by a girl in pajamas!
1,000 yen - Pay extra to have your shoulders massaged for longer..."

"Below: Another typical girls bedroom. What you won't find are beds because this is not the place to go for hanky panky. If you are looking for hanky panky then there are plenty of places in Kabukicho in Shinjuku. Just watch out for the Yakuza..."

Q: That's another Wii~ and who says you can't go hanky panky on sofas? I like the whiteness of this room, esp. the carpet.
"Below: And here are some pics of cutie Sola-chan who "lives" at the dorm..."

Q: She's fat.
"The dorm has its rules...

  • Dont take your own photos - or the dorm manager will 'confiscate' your camera...
  • Dont touch the girls - especially their eyes.
  • Dont tease the girls - especially the size of their eyes.
  • Dont ask the girl for private mail address or phone number.
  • Dont ask the girls personal questions (what color are your pantsu etc).
  • Dont run amok (what sort of rule is that?)
  • Dont bring glass bottles (which you may break and hold the dorm girls hostage)
  • Drunk or members belonging to violent groups are not allowed. Violent group members are easily spotted because they have "I am a violent group member" written on their foreheads.
  • Depending on how busy they are, they may chuck you out after 1 - 2 hours..."
"Convinced? If so then a map of the dorms here..."
Q: She's fat.
Q: She's fat.

Q: She's still fat.

Interviewer: Will you try this?
Q: Nope.
Interviewer: Why not?
Q: It’s just so weird having to PAY to go in, chat with a stranger within a stipulated 30 mins. And when you know the time is counting, the anxiety just makes you so uptight isn't it? I can’t speak Japanese anyways… *Shrug*.
Interviewer: What if it’s my treat?
Q: Free? Why not? There’s Wii inside you know? Just as long as that fat girl’s not there…

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