Tuesday, February 19, 2008



Was chatting with Yv when the topic arrived at heading up north to the "Land of the Rising Sun", for holidays. “You can never get enough of Japan” we agreed.
Been to Tokyo and Osaka, and I definitely preferred Osaka for its slightly “non-urban” feel. Aiming for Kyoto next, for I know that’s where you will get to see more of the traditional side of Japan, especially the beautiful architectures… and the food… and the girls… The chat with Yv just reinforces the idea.
(Below: Osaka Castle)

And was discussing about the ways to be there, for long. Not as a tourist, not for a week or so, but for as long as possible. I am pretty sure I can survive in Japan for a season with just 4K spending money; probably buy a blue tent and camp along the river banks to save on the accommodation. Yes, it has to be BLUE tents.

I also remembered telling Tonic-babe that I’ve seen adverts on Japanese apartment rentals and that the system of measurements go by the number of Tatami-mats (180cm x 90cm) you can fit in, instead of how many square-feets. Gimme 3 pieces of Tatami-mats space and I will be contented enough. (^___^)

(Below) Living space is 6 tatami-mats...Yv has like a couple of friends already working in Japan now… one as an English teacher and another working in Koei. I was like “Omg~~ so envy~!!!”. So working there is like the best and official way of being in Japan, for long, for good. Thanks to Yv telling me about Teaching Exchange Programmes… a ray of light suddenly shines down on me…
I was even thinking of buying a one-way ticket to Japan, reach there, burn my passport, fix a pair of fake robotic ears over my own ears, lay (un)conscious on a pile of old newspaper at the roadside, hoping some pretty Japanese girl will come by and pick me home, and I shall wake up faking amnesia and playing dumb… learning new Japanese sentences each new day… and be called “Chobitaro”...Wakakaka…

Finally, my last resort might be to work as a domestic worker (think Fillipino maids; no offense to the Fillipinos), “Singaporean Male Maid” perhaps? Then Yv reminded me of “Host Clubs”. Oh ya, there ARE such clubs… you can find Maid-Cafes and the like, so Male Host Clubs… why not? Think Ouran High School… *Wink*.

Oh ya, I am halfway consolidating an article about all those “special” services you can get in Japan… gonna post them up once I am done…

Meanwhile, my rough plan in getting my arse in Japan:

1. Save up enough;
2. Sign up for JLPT after my degree;
3. Get myself qualified for teaching primary school children;
4. Get my English proficiency assessed;
5. Brush up my Photoshop / Illustrator (inspired by Pooh) skills;
6. Learn 3D Studio Max;
7. Do up my very own graphics portfolio;
8. Sign up for JET before I reach 30.

Why I love Japan so much? Many reasons... a few below...

Their food...

their lifestyles...

their vibrant cultures...
Their gadgets... (picture form Dannychoo's "4 Hours in Akihabara")

their trends: New trend in Japan: Rabbit (???) on Shoulders; gonna take my rabbit to Orchard Road this weekend... (Picture from Dannychoo's "4 Hours in Akihabara")

and the girls! (picture from Dannychoo's Primaries)

Wait for me Japan...

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Anonymous said...

Oh no... I seem to have planted ebil and whacky thots into ur head! Now you know, you really have to get down to Kyoto and loving every min of it!!!