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I went through quite a number of all-text articles (darn) on this topic and decided to censor off which deputy chief executive or director-general from which darn govt dept or stat board say what or did what, below are the critical information you only need to know:

4TH Quarter 2007: Was declared that “Singapore to have True Number Portability solution”.

BUT, now they moved the launch date to the 2ND Quarter of 2008, because they couldn’t make it in time.

Here’s what the IDA spokesperson said: "The mobile and fixed-line operators have given feedback that they would need a reasonable amount of time to conduct and complete the extensive works and tests,". He added that the IDA had gathered feedback which highlighted the heavy network traffic that usually occurs during the year-end festive period, making it an unsuitable time for system testing. This led to the IDA's decision to delay the rollout, he said, noting that the centralized database is still on track to be launched in the second quarter of next year.


Advantage of True Mobile Number Portability:
1. Consumers can switch between telecoms service providers easily and yet have full use of their existing number, rather than having to update their contacts about a new number. Consumers will only use one number, no matter how many times he changes telecoms service providers.

(Currently, mobile subscribers can switch telecoms service providers and keep their numbers, but he gets in essence a call-forwarding service as a call to his old number is routed to his new one. His contacts will see only this new number when he makes out-going calls and sends SMSes.

The drawback with this is that their recipients see an unrecognized new number and may even ignore the calls or SMSes. He is also not able to receive MMSes on his original number.

Under a True Number Portability regime, these inconveniences and limitations will be eliminated.)

2. The new solution will reduce or cuts out barriers that presently deter consumers from switching telecoms service providers, spelling greater price-based competition among the telecoms service providers and business opportunities in Singapore's telecoms market.

2ND QUARTER 2008 eh… Which operator will you switch to? Gonna review what can they offer. Price War is coming…

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