Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rubik's Cube: Solved.

Rubik's Cube: Solved
Nope, I'll be honest to tell you I didn't do it by myself. Wahahaha~

And its definitely not those "BEFORE" & "AFTER" pictures, trademark of many slimming adverts...

(this is taken on 12th Feb 2008; well, Honda can vouch for me, for he was the one who mess it up)
(taken on 13th Feb 2008... Yay~~~)

the other side...
Ya know... many years ago when I gave up on my first Rubik's Cube, I tell myself, "this is one invention without a solution...", but now that I have had it solved (with help), I take back my words; "it CAN be solved... you just need enough brain juice".

Thanks to the INTERNET, solutions can be found up there... wakakakaka~

Yea right, people might start to say things like "you should solve it yourself, that's where the satisfaction comes from..." some sort... BUT, I tell you, even with computer assisted help, using BOTH my own hands to solve this cube, I feel "SHIOK ENOUGH ALREADY"~! What more can you say? Huh?

With this, I lay down my 2nd Rubik's Cube, feeling happy that a bad childhood memory has finally been erased... Anyone wanna borrow this from me?

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