Saturday, February 16, 2008


16th February 2008
Yvel's headed for Tokyo for official work today. Her company gotten her a stay at the Shinjuku area and she was given this cute little map for a rough idea in getting around. (Ahhhh, envy her so much!!! (>__<) )

Appears to be a map for Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo situated in Roppongi, but I fell in love with this map immediately. Address: Hard Rock Cafe Toky0, 5-4-20 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

(Picture belongs to Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo; click for bigger picture)

I took the liberty in telling her to visit the below places, which I personally WILL visit when I saved up enough for the trip:

1) Harajuku: the famous bridge featuring lotsa cosplayers;
2) Shibuya: for all your shopping needs;
3) Akihabara: for all the toys, animes, and idols heavens;
4) Ueno: the park where Aaron Kwok's "Para Para Sakura" was filmed, with all the sakura flowers (between March - April)

(If anyone of you have other interesting places for a "must-visit", do drop a comment below ya? Appreciate it!)

If I have another chance at her getting me something from Tokyo, please get me an embroidered red omamori from Todaishi <東大寺>!

Nah, I know its too late saying this <(^_^*), just enjoy your stay there, stay warm, and Happy Birthday on the 19th!

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