Monday, February 11, 2008


Just returned from watching this very local production... I must say Jack Neo did another good job at bringing laughter to the audience~! I was laughing uncontrollably together with the rest of the movie audiences throughout the show!

I ain't gonna dwell into the "hidden meanings", if any to begin with, this movie might be trying to hint at, as Jack Neo has always done, recklessly poking fun at our ever-sensitive government and risking a visit to the police station for kopi~

(Picture above: screen-captured from; do visit the website.)

However, I couldn't help but noticed several parts being censored away... either the fellas at the snipping room deserves to be shown the door, permanently, or perhaps audiences like me simply has very sharp eyes.

I also remembered very clearly having watched a trailer where it shows a part the 老大 (played by Richard Low) mentioning about Temasek Holdings having an interest in "Shao He Traid"...

BUT, this portion was NOT shown during the movie.

I seriously hope the DVD release has an extended version... Director's cut, if any. I HATE censored films.

Mark Lee did a very good job with the Malaysian accent, and he just reminds me so much of Louisa and friends. Mark Lee's sissy role just made him so funny~ I simply enjoyed the different languages they used: Mandrin, Singlish, Hokkien, Cantonese, and Melayu; it just made the movie so local and so close to us audiences. Its something only Uniquely Singapore~ (and Malaysia)!

This movie is already a hot discussion topic at the kopi-tiam , and subjects that went around the table were:

1) Possible reasons why was the part mentioning about Temasek Holdings missing;
2) Possible reasons why Jack Neo moved the entire filming set over to Malaysia;
3) A traid name which really exists during the early times of Singapore that closely resembles the name "Shao He Traid"; and
4) The intrinsic meaning of this movie...

Well, afterall, its all kopi-tiam talk amongst some uncles... entertaining and mind-intriguing. How accurate? I leave the thinking to you...

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