Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Just done designing my new banner above... Nice? Been dying to create one for a long time but I lost my CS2 when I reformatted my laptop months back.

School semester starting today, and will be heading for my evening class this evening. Taking Organisational Behaviour and International Marketing this sem. Die die must complete my degree by end of this year... sick studying already...

Life's pretty realistic out there; minimum requirement is a degree if you wanna land yourself in a decent pay job. Moreoever, if you're trying to get yourself into any Govt job in Singapore, get paper qualifications as high as possible, then apply, sure get in. Working experience is worthless in the Govt sector.

Mum's been telling me how her church-friend's son went to sign-on as Police, the 2nd time, get a lump-sum payment of 20k for a 4-yr contract, and got married+buy flat+applied for a Finance-course using that amount. (Then come out and became the most irritating people - Financial Consultants). Then mum asked me if I ever considered doing this line. That's like selling myself. I laughed it off. Hell no.

Been bumping around for a couple of months now and probably had too much time thinking over my life and learning too much things at a time. Priority is completing my studies, then get a decent pay job, earn enough capital to start my own business. Reservist is coming in March, and that will set me back by 3 whole weeks, but earn meself a GOOD TAN. Hopefully by the end of the in-camp training, I have found a job.

Not getting any younger. I know that working off for someone for a monthly-pay is never gonna get me far. Multiple sources of income is the way to go, and starting my own business is definitely what I wanted to do. I had too much ideas but no capital to run. No business will run a losing business, that means it will definitely earn money; its just a matter of how fast and how much + dun make stupid business mistakes.

Sick of the cost of living in Singapore. Been thinking of getting a working VISA or PR in Aussie. My cousin in aussie works part-time packing carrots in a supermarket - 2 carrots in a pack, and she earns like A$14/hr. Damn! In addition, with 300k I can get a nice little bunglow in Aussie that comes with a little garden and a garage, but its only worth a 3 room HDB flat here in Singapore. And with 40K, I can get myself the kinda Toyota Rav4 I am driving now, but I can only buy a Kia Picanto in Singapore! Wtf~

(Below: a little house in Southern Perth @ A$280k, mango-tree not included)

Better still, work in Japan. So I most likely am gonna sign up for JLPT by next year. Also realised that I currently have no rice-bowl-skills. By "rice-bowl-skills", I refer to skills or work you can do, and that most people can't but are willing to pay you to do. Example are playing musical instruments. A musician will never go hungry since he can always go busking in the streets for a daily earnings.

So I was like thinking, what interest me and is a rice-bowl skill? I chose 3D-graphics designing, so I am picking up 3D studio max myself, and polishing up my Photoshop skill. Gonna slowly build up my portfolio and focus on characters-design. Hopefully can moonlight a bit doing freelance. Its like a hobby, and when a hobby earns some income, its a bonus.

So what's my plans for the next few years? As of now, I am adopting a flexible mindset, no solid plans yet since situations are still changing around me. Dad's birdnest breeding in Indonesia is working out, so he's gonna need my help. But what about my job? I dunno yet. People who go around telling others they have plans set out for the next 10 years are bullshit. You never know what will happen 5 years down the road. I believe one has got to be adaptive to situations, but must possess enough rice-bowl skills to tide you over any changes.

As far as I know now, I want to succeed in life.

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