Friday, February 22, 2008

Services in Japan Part 3

services - FOOT SPA CAFE

Read the below from Dannychoo's and thought I could share...

Information (in italics) wholly quoted from Dannychoo (do visit):

"There is now a cafe type place in Osaka called Ashi Yu Ya where you can go and have a cuppa Japanese tea while soaking your bare feet in a tub of hot water with a traditional Japanese maid called a Jyochu [女中[じょちゅう]]. ..."

"A foot spa is known as "Ashi Yu" [足湯[あしゆ]] and can also be found at many Onsen (hot spa) around Japan. ..."

"So what are they charging for this invaluable service? "
  • Trial course - 1,950 yen: You get to stick your feet in a tub of hot water for 15 mins - *alone*. But the maid does give you a hand massage.

  • 30 minute Basic "hand course" - 3,900: Stick your feet in a tub of hot water together with the maid for 10 minutes. She then gives you a hand job (hand massage) for 20 mins and you get a cuppa Japanese tea.

  • Girls get a discount - two girls get the "hand course" for 3,900 yen.
  • 30 minute foot reflexology course - 4,500 yen: Share the tub with the maid for 10 mins and get your feet massaged for 20. Cuppa tea after.

  • 60 minute foot reflexology course - 8,800 yen: You would think paying more gets you more time in the tub with the maid but you would be wrong - 10 mins in the tub and 50 mins of foot massage.

  • 90 minute ultimate course - 12,500 yen: 10 mins in the tub, 20 mins hand job, 50 mins foot job and 10 mins of punching your shoulders - cuppa tea after."

"For girls who are interested in working at Ashi Yu Ya, they're are looking for staff and are paying 1,200 yen per hour and you need to be between 18 and 25..."

"Not too sure about the hygiene aspect of this though. If I was a cute traditional Japanese maid, I certainly wouldn't want to share a hot tub of water with a hairy oily salary man.... "

Q's comment: Try this out? No way. Your treat? No way either.

Ah, by the way, foot spa is picking up in China as well, but perhaps minus the Jyochu. When I was at Guangzhou, in Panyu district, along 大北路, Foot Spas are like everywhere. Head out onto the streets by dusk and the most prominent mega neon-light displays comes from such foot-spas. You wun missed it unless you're blind. My ex-boss who tried out the foot spa mentioned for approx. S$20, you get green-tea foot jacuzzi, shoulder/neck/head massage from behind, while you watch TV from a selection of DVD titles there, over a 1-hr duration.

Anyways, the streets out there are vice-activities packed. Men's place. If I am able to dig info from the Internet, I might cover a story of it.

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