Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New SAF Uniforms: 3

New SAF Uniforms: 3
More followups from my previous post here and here:
(Courtesy to Honda-san for passing me the link)

The new SBO. Looks cool, but I say its a big piece of sponge - it'll probably soak up lotsa rain and sweat... but it'll definately store more things though~ and it'll make a good pillow outfield when stuffed with leaves...
New Field Pack. YUCK. Recruits would probably be whining: "How come no wheels?"
Evolution - you get uglier and uglier...
Putting the uniform into actual terrain, u should be able to tell that the new uniform (centre) really blends better with the background compared to the current one (left). Another picture...

Lets see if you can spot the 3 fellas in this picture... takes a trained eye to spot them, but you'll probably be shot dead by the time you figured out their location.

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