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Hard Water: Part 4

Probably gonna be as long as Harry Porter series....
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1st September 2008, at the Subordinate Courts...

Reported to the CRIME REGISTRY counter 6 first.

Well, as usual at all governmental places, its the take-a-queue-number-sit-down-and-wait-for-your-turn... Handed in my court summon/ letter and more waiting.

Until finally an Ah-Beng looking fella came out from the room and called out my name. Then he led us to the mediation centre before disappearing. The little girl (let's call her Jeslyn) and her family walked ahead of us. Her father and elder sister were present. My parents accompanied me.

"Dang~ not court-session eh?" I thought to myself. When it came to such a stage, my mindset is already blocked and I have no rooms for further negotiations...

I must say I have a very stubborn nature. If a person is wrong, he's wrong till the very end. No rooms for compromising. Lucky thing the 2 "Master Mediators (what they have 'levels'?!)" doesn't look gay. One chinese Mediator, another Ah-Neh Mediator. I was already very defensive and I showed them by crossing my arms and looking very stern.

And so, the room closed and the mediation session starts. . .

The mediators began by introducing themselves and telling what were we doing in the mediation-session room. I questioned them about their purpose and what they hope to achieve through this. (I can be a very hard-to-deal-with person when I am angry.) The mediator was good with his words and managed to convinced me to go through the session with them.

I had to relate my side of the story again, in the presense of the mediators, Jeslyn, and her father. And no one was supposed to interrupt until I complete. This is the countless amount of times I had re-told my story. I know the mediators would have read through my case and seen my statement. I reckon they just want to make sure my story coincides with my statement, perhaps putting check on my tone, clarity, and body-language.

Then its Jeslyn's turn. She stammer several times. Unprepared. Traumatized perhaps. At this stage, I couldn't care anymore.

And so, the mediator advised Jeslyn, sharing codes of conduct and society rules... that being mischievious and getting into trouble is part-and-parcel of growing up, and also ensuring her that nobody's gonna put her behind bars because she is still a minor.

"If you really did it, then its only right to own up... but if you really didn't do it, then you shouldn't own up" the mediator summed up.

Again, Jeslyn denied the action.

Ah-Neh mediator calls for a private session alone with Jeslyn and her father.

I left the room with my father. Waited outside for a good 5 mins. Mum's further outside, seated at the lobby.

Then its our turn for the private session. Went in, and the mediators told me that Jeslyn continues to deny the accusations. However, her father did agree to offer me an apology for the brother's rude actions if I were to let the matter rest.

I gave further accounts that I am a victim, that I have an eye witness, and I have every rights to believe the account of the eye witness. And that Jeslyn's statement hasn't been very consistent. That I had tried to settle the case aside with Jeslyn's brother, seeking compensation to my car and to really leave the little girl alone. Let her family lecture her for all I care. But her brother challenged me to further legal actions.

At this stage, I dun seek monetary compensation. I just want justice done - they admit and they apologise.

"I don't want to condone such behaviours".

Jeslyn and her father were called in again. They were reminded that there was a neutral-party eye witness pin-pointing her as the culprit, and were asked if they want to reconsider their answer.

Again, Jeslyn gave a negative answer.

So the mediators asked if I am agreeable with letting the matter rest, considering that she is still a child, and accept the apology from her father over the brother's rudeness.

"No, I shall bring the matter further", I replied sternly.

And so, the mediation session failed and wrapped up with Jeslyn's father and me signing on a piece of document, and the case was returned to the Magistrate Court for her further actions.

To be continue...

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