Thursday, September 11, 2008

Strike Pantsu...

Strike Pantsu...
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Ahem... ahem.. had initially no intention to post on the Strike Witches' pantsu topic... until Dannychoo actually had a follow-up of the first post. 
Well for those of you have been watching Strike Witches and are eagerly waiting for the next episode to release... you might want to entertain yourself with this trivia:

Toranoana is having a "vote for your fave Strike Witches bottom".
The rules are simple - write the name of your fave witch who has your most desired bottom and post it in the orange box pictured here. . .

I voted for Francesca Lucchini.
To my surprise... they actually released the results~!!!

Lucchini's the winner with her stripe pantsu! Runner up's Sanya, while Perrine and Lynette shared 3rd place~

Goes to show that stripe pantsu's pretty popular amongst male voters
(I presume most voters are guys...)

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