Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Probably the BEST news of this year - Singapore Police petrol car wheel-clamped~!

Original post via STOMP, heres the quote:

STOMPer Soulman saw this police car with its wheel clamped, apparently for parking in a season parking lot at the carpark of The Adelphi opposite Funan the IT Mall.

He says: "The photos show 2 police cars parked at the parking lot of The Adelphi."

Apparently, 1 police car was parked at the yellow lot while the other was parked at the red lot (meant for season parking)."

It seemed that the management was extremely dedicated to their work as the police car parked in the red lot was wheel clamped and served with a warning letter while the other one was not.

"While I am not sure whether wheel clamping a police car is the correct thing to do, this proves that even police officers make mistakes every now and then."

QX 4906 H... go buy 4D. That fella driving this vehicle's gonna have the hell of a report to write later.

Obstructing the police in performing their duty? Emergency?! Hmmm, I beg to differ. If I'm a police-officer attending to an emergency, I'll just park the car by the roadside and leave the oscillating red/blue lights on, and walk right into the building.

But lets leave the rest of the comments over kopi-talk.

In Singapore, blogging on anything negative that involves the government and their civil servants will only land one in hot soup.

Freedom of Speech? Please apply license first. Oh, and make 2 photocopies of your I/C, front and back... blah blah blah...

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