Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New SAF Uniforms: 2

New SAF Uniforms: 2
Following my previous post, here are more updates from Mindef:

Pixelised camouflage pattern. Pixelisation generates micro-pattern within macro-pattern to reduce detection of soldier at short distance.

Buttons and velcro combination relieves stress points on chest when body armour is worn.

New apauletter position for easy identification (Specialist ranks remain on sleeves).
(Q: Its on the chest; becuz these "seafood" category people, commonly called "Gim" officers have their ranks on their shoulders and its so hard to recognise them until upclose. Well, easy identification would also mean that officers get shot first... opps!)

Inward buttoning on sleeves prevents entanglement with foreign objects.
Side pockets are pleated to provide comfort when filled, while slanted angle facilitates access in sitting position. Internal pouch within side pocket included for storage of small accessories.

Additional inner material reduces abrasion to groin region.

Shoulder straps remove stress point on shoulder when load is borne.

Mandarin collar protects soldier from abrasion caused by rifle sling.

Shirt can be folded up as an improvised triangular bandage for injured elbow.

Adjustable fastening slits and velcro holder secure position of elbow and knee guards.

Q: .... I changed my mind over getting one...

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