Friday, September 05, 2008

Strike Witches & their Seiyuus

Strike Witches & Their Seiyuus
Original picture from Dannychoo:

A seiyū, seiyuu or seiyu (声優) is a Japanese vocal actor.

You are missing out a great deal of a title if you haven watched Strike Witches till now. The story plot and character-development were handled very well; makes you look forward to the next episode.

Then, with so many Strike Witches, which is your favourite character? Curious who is the Seiyuu behind your character?

My favourite character is Francesca Lucchini (3rd Row, 3rd Column), and her Seiyuu is Chiwa Saito.

But I am somehow attracted to the Seiyuu for Major Sakamoto... looking sweet~

Anyways, if you are interested in a short anime story between that of a Seiyuu-Tamago and a Marketing Exec, looking into their love story and understand the difficulties in their jobs, I'd recommend
Rec [レック].

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