Friday, September 19, 2008


Sekirei ended its season one with the release of episode 12. This last episode was packed with so many actions unmatched even with episode 1 to 11 combined.

Musubi-chan (Sekirei #88), who was supposedly defeated so badly that her Sekirei crest disappeared, revived with the consciousness of The Destiny Sekirei, Yume (Sekirei #08), amid momentarily.
A single number Sekirei?! Yume totally pawned two of the Disciplinary squad members. Just who is Yume? Why did ‘Black’ attack without hesitation?! What’s with Musubi’s double personality?

There were still loads of questions left unanswered...

Will Shiina (#107) ever find his sister Kuu (#108)? Just what is (#10) Uzume’s agenda? Kazehana (#03) has been watching from behind the scene all these while, who’s side is she on? Homura (#06) is still unwinged, what will become of him? Matsu’s #02, how powerful is she? #01 Miya's been staying low in Izumo house all these while, what is she waiting for? What about the Ashikabis from the East, South, and West? Just what will the Sekirei Plan unfold into?

I can’t wait for Season 2…

Ah~~ I really hope my Sekirei will come along and I can fell in love again~ (^ __^)>

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