Thursday, September 04, 2008

Painting Day

Painting Day
Spent some quality time at home helping my parents paint the kitchen ceiling. Years of cooking has had the ceiling paint start peeling off from all the steam and oil, etc.

First, its scraping off those portions of the ceiling paintworks that are peeling off. Then its off to the paint-shop to buy some emulsion paint, wall sealer, putty, turpentine and paintbrushes.

I can still remember many years ago when I was still young, I volunteered to help out in the painting. Was passed a little brush and told to "settle the edges where the bigger rollers can't reach". And I happily skipped off with the brush and a little cup of paint... I was brushing the edges at the switches panel to the living-room lights, when I noticed the supposedly white plastic covers had turned a little yellowish... so I decided to give it a little 'revamp', hoping to delight my parents. But... I came to realise very soon that the paint doesn't really look very nice on plastic surfaces... (^__^) my disastrous paint-job is still around at the living-room, after so many years...

Honestly, this is the first time dad has passed the paint-brush over to me. I felt recognized. Hee~ This time, its the BIG roller-paintbrush! Wahahaha~ Dun play play~!

Well, that went a tiring but fun afternoon of painting. I totally forgotten about my principle of "proper headgear, clothing, and footwear for every job". Got some paint on my jeans, damn; the underneath of my feet was BLACK from stepping on the newspaper laid on the floor, then I stepped on wet paint drips, then it got mixed with the newspaper, and the whole underneath of feet became GREYISH-BLACK - Ewww~ ; worst, I got paint-drips on my arms and my HAIR~!!! Arghhh~!

End up, I got mum to help clean my hair with turpentine, while dad helped with rubbing off paint-drips off my arms. ( ^___^ ) Felt pampered~ an oily one though (from all the turpentine).

I recalled when I was still young, and the first time stepping into my house (technically speaking, my dad's flat) some 20 over years ago... the walls were still greyish - in its cement state. Unpainted. And the floorings were bare too. Dad and mum must have had lotsa fun painting up THEIR flat. So, in between today's paint-job, I day-dreamed a little (pisceans like me love to day dream)...

I dreamt of having this romantic time with my 'other half' (well, I placed HEBE into my mind-picture cuz I dun have anyone in my heart currently). We got married. We got our own flat. We are gonna start painting it. I got both of us a set of white coverall. And gloves. She looked so cute in it. And she made me a paper hat. I handle the big roller-brush, while she handles the little details with the tiny roller-brush. We painted OUR house. Then we help each other clean off those paint-drips on our faces. Awww~~

Above: Well, I couldn't find a decent picture of a couple in coveralls and holding paintbrushes. So here's a picture of Sara cosplaying as Winry Rockbell, from Full Metal Alchemist, in her half-coverall (not that I mind) and holding her trusty spanner instead of a paintbrush. Her full site at Celestialsphere, and more pictures of her Winry Rockbell pictures here.

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