Friday, November 23, 2007

A Week of Local Delicacies

Dad's in town and it means lotsa of goody good food~ (I wun purposely make a trip down there unless I happen to be in the vicinity).

Note: Good local Singapore delicacies are NEVER found in restaurants or malls. It takes the experienced ones to tell you where... like Jalan Besar area or the famous Geylang area... provided you know which road they are referring to. It was only recently that I learnt of where exactly is the famous "Ang Sa Li" area...

Heres a run-down of the food I had (Number 1, 2, and 3 were eaten on the SAME day) the past week:

Number 1 - Laksa @ "Kek Tseng Kio" (Townshend Road; Jalan Besar)


Forget about Katong Laksa; when this "Kek Tseng Kio" Laksa was around, Katong Laksa was not even born yet. Only served with spoon; no chopsticks. (Now you know where that Katong-Laksa-Spoon-Only idea came from?)

See this Ah-Pek here? He is the founder. He now runs the stall with his wife and 2 beautiful daughters (or daughters-in-laws). Take very good notice that he uses CHARCOAL stove instead of gas stove, so the Laksa-gravy has a very nice smell.
One Bowl is NEVER ENOUGH! My standard order is minimum 2 bowls!
Where? >>Salivating already? Where is the place you ask? Its located along Townshend Road, along Jalan Besar. Its very very near the Food Centre at Jalan Berseh.

Damage: S$2.00 a bowl

Number 2 - Beef Hor Fun @ Geylang Lorong 9

Dinner was the famous Beef Hor Fun at Geylang Lorong 9. Dad has cravings, and since mum was at Grandma's place, we thought of settling dinner there before fetching her at Hougang.

One plate of Beef Hor Fun each + one big bowl of Beef-Only to share amongst my dad, brother, and me!

Yummy! A pity I left my camera in the car. The beef is oh-so-smooth~~ and it simply melts in your mouth~ 10 mins is all it takes for the of us to clear the table. Then we Tah-Pao another 4 packets of beef hor fun before heading to our Grandma's place.

Where's the place? >>
Oh ya, while you are there, you might wanna check out the You Tiao (油条大王)Eatery just around the front portion. Gigantic You Tiao, Hot Beancurd, and Soya Bean drinks waiting for you. Great for late night snacks!

Damage: S$5 a plate

Number 3 - Orh Luah (Fried Clam with Omelette) @ Simon Road (Kovan)
On the way to Hougang, my brother recommended us to try a very nice Orh-Luah (also called "Orh-Ah-Jian") near the Kovan station area.

This stall is also of a "die-die-must-try" category. In addition, the boss does NOT always opens stall. His business is SO GOOD that he doesn't really need that daily income. Out of 5 times my brother was there, he only managed to catch the stall opened for business 2 times. When we reached there, there was already a long queue for the Orh-Luah.

My dad and me are heavy critics of Orh-Luah and Cai-Tau-Kway (Carrot Cake), as we have gone around eating different varieties. But I tell you, it only takes me ONE mouth of this Orh-Luah to give it the Thumbs-Up.

The Orh-Luah is crispy on the outside, the size of each piece is just right, and the saltiness is just right too. Only down-side is that it is a little oily.

Where? >>
While you are there, do try out the Hokkien Mee and the Satay too.

Damage: S$5 minimum order

Number 4 - Taiwan Porridge @ The Oasis
Went to The Oasis late at night (11pm +) for nostalgic sake. This beautiful and romantic place is due for dismantling by mid-December, under the master plan for the IR across the vicinity.

Built during the 1970s, mum and dad definately has deep impression of this place. This is where the famous 海京楼 (Hai-Jin-Lou, or "Hai-Kia-Lau" in Hokkien) is.

Beautiful scenary whether you are there in the day or at night.

As for the Taiwan Porridge... it comes in a mini-tub, good enough to serve 8 bowls, and its free-flow anyways. Yes, its free-flow Porridge (comes with pumpkin slices inside). Remember to order its Salty-Egg (咸蛋) palette and Tau-Gay to go along with the porridge. Many other dishes on the menu too!

Where? >>
Becareful driving there, especially when you are not familiar with the road. And while you are there, take caution not to walk into that Night Club near the front. The restaurant is further inside, its on the sea.

Damage: $49 for free-flow porridge and 5 dishes (serves a family of 5)

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