Saturday, November 17, 2007

Kokuhen's Works

I am so~~~~~ envy of Kokuhen-san! His good'o friend was at Japan a week ago and Kokuhen told him that if he happened to pass-by Akihabara, to help keep a lookout for KUREHA. And there it is~ one solid phone call from Japan: "7200 Yen, buy or not?" ... "BUY!!!"

And KUREHA was hand-carried all the way back for Kokuhen-san~ ( >,< ) so nice~!!!

and so~ Kokuhen-san went ahead with some "studio-shots" + some shop-job and here's what he came out with~


Now, I am still waiting for my 30 November for my status-updates on my KUREHA order... pls let the day come soon~!!!

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