Sunday, November 25, 2007

Do they deserve my sympathy?

Was home in time for the 10 o' clock news this evening:

News #1: Singapore Dragonboat Team in Phnom Penh - boat capsize, 5 missing.
My first reaction was like "oh dear..." but upon hearing that those fellas were NOT wearing any life-vest to begin with, my concern turned into anger.

This is total crap! The dragonboat team leader and the organizing commitee apparently did not ensure that participants were safety geared-up prior to the event. However, it would be unfair to blame them, since any sportsmen should be responsible for their own safety and their teammates' safety. Anyone engaging in any watersports should be made to wear life-vest. This is common-sense.

Dun want to wear? Fine! At your own risk then! They dun deserve any sympathy.
Hardluck. 咎由自取,不值得同情。

News #2: Lasik surgery gone wrong for Singaporean.
Singaporean went for Eye Lasik Surgery; Surgery was unsuccessful and he might have to go for cornea transplate; more agony.

I was rather concerned over this since this kind of operation is still at its infancy in Singapore; success rate is of many's concern.

Then, as the newscaster reads on, this fella went to a "NEIGHBOURING" country (it was not mentioned which country) to have his Lasik surgery.

I was like "Wat the Heck?!".

This is Stupidity at its peak. When it is YOUR PRECIOUS EYES, and Singapore has the most reliable facilities and doctors, as well as highest success rate, why do you have to have it done in another country?! (its cheaper over there?)

I think that this fella might as well get a brain transplant since he is gonna make trips to the hospital.

Another case un-deserving of any sympathy. 咎由自取,不值得同情。

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