Saturday, November 24, 2007

This is goodbye my friend.

Introducing "Waowao" (read Wow[3] wow[2]), my stuffed lion.

This beloved lion was bought for me by my late Grandma some 20 years back, when she went Taiwan for a holiday.

Before she left the house, she turned and asked me: "What can I get for you?"

"A Lion!" I replied happily. And Grandma got this Lion back, to the dismay of my aunts who accompanied her there, because this Lion took up 3/4 of her luggage space.

She kept her promise. =)

And this Lion has been religiously placed in front of my bed, where my head is (床头) , for the past 20 years (Rest assure, it went through several washing ^_^).

Its kinda symbolic, I would say - Masculine, Charisma, Pride, Courage, KING - a befitting toy for a boy.

Grandma passes away a couple of years back, and this Lion is probably the only thing from her that is closest to me. Yes, pieces like me are emotional and sentimental creatures.

Couple of days back, Mom managed to convince me that it is time to discard the Lion - it has gonna really dusty and is bad for my health if I kept it at where I sleep.

I personally took it downstairs and carefully placed it at the bulky-items bin, hoping someone would come by and adopt it.

I left it there relunctantly. . .

I am heading for Taiwan in a month's time. Maybe this time, I can bring my Lion back.

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vicgurl said...

Your Lion is so adorable.
word error : reluctantly*