Friday, November 23, 2007

Unveiling the Stan-Chart Runner's Pak

Was downtown this morning to settle some errands, and since I was there already, I went to Suntec to collect my Runner's Pak~ (Lucky thing I kept my document file in the carboot).

After like more than an hour of queuing...
Yay~ Got this Runner's Pak finally!
Here's a breakdown:

1) Gym Bag
Lousy material, but nice color though. More importantly, it has a zipper at the side where you can slot in a pair of shoes. Quite useful actually. =)

2) Runner's Bib No.
My Tag ID is 42397~ Go and buy 4D~!!!

3) Championchip
This is an electronic chip that tracks the running timing of the runner (Me)!
To be tied to my shoe. Now my dilemma is... should I tie it to my left shoe, or my right shoe? This will depend on which of my feet crosses the FINISHING LINE first... but wait! I will also have to make sure that the same feet crosses the STARTING LINE last. Aiyo~

4) Goodie Bag
And there is a nice goodie bag inside the Gym bag. This same bag can be used as a "deposit" bag for my personal belongings on the big day itself.

5) Freebies
a) Berocca Energy Drink dissolvable tablets. A combination of Vitamin B group with Vitamin C, and enhanced with calcium, magnesium and zinc; helps the body release the maximum amount of energy from the food consumed.
b) Deep Heating Rub. We all know what it is meant for~
c) A packet of spagetti. (Huh?! Well, Mom's certainly delighted though.)

6) Waste Paper
7) Runner's Guide
No time to read... browsed through only... got map of running route, venue lay-out, timing of shuttle buses, carpark locations, etc...8) My Reason To Run Bib
To be pinned to the back of my shirt.
Ah~ this is interesting. Love it when I can have a bit of my own graffiti... so~ what should I put?

a) To win myself / This is my own marathon (Boring~)
b) I got too much money and time, and I dunno where to spend them. (right~)
c) If u like my bon-bon, overtake, turn, and smile at me. (hmmm... hope gays dun like to run marathon)

9) The Runner's Tee
By Adidas! XS size. Being very particular over my clothing fit, I was really worried that I might choose a wrong size! Because I have to select my Shirt-size online during the registration, and there was no physical sample nor cutting I can estimate over. Thank goodness it was a good fit!

This year's colour isn't as nice as the one last year (last year's colour was the Stan-Chart corporate blue-with-green-stripes). And my sister added a killer-sentence during dinner: "Baby-Blue makes a person look FAT". ( =__= )

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