Thursday, November 29, 2007

Digirama: An Appreciation

DIGIRAMA, as it is commonly termed in the community, or photo-composition.
The works below are from > 木村世忍 (Kimura-san)

To the amateur eyes, they may look like some "in-game graphics", but they are in fact not.

The Figurines are scaled-down ratios of the "supposedly real size" characters, commonly about 1/8 scale for human characters.

The BACKGROUND scenes are all REAL LIFE settings / environment.

So the catch here is embedding the FIGURINE into the BACKGROUND.
But it is not just a simple "crop & paste" job.
The skills lie in the "Lightings", "Shadow", "Foreground vs Background sizing" and perhaps even more factors.

And below is a very nice Digirama of Ryuuna from Shining Wind.
Next post, I will upload pictures of how the artist came about creating the below picture.

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