Sunday, December 21, 2008

WonderLens: FishEye

WonderLens: FishEye

Just bought an interesting product... the WonderLens (FishEye).Avid photography amatures and pros alike would immediately recognize the "FishEye" term... supposedly wide-angled lens for their beloved camera... ...suitable for most camera lens of mobile phones, digital cameras, video cameras, as well as web cameras! ... the FishEye Lens comes with a spring cord and handphone string that allows you to conveniently hang / hook / attach it along with your handphone or camera, so you can bring it anywhere you want!
So how does it perform?
Well... I attached it to my HTC Touch Diamond's F2.8 Autofocus 3.2megapixel camera and took the below pictures:

Normal: Attached with FishEye Lens:Normal: Attached with FishEye Lens:Interesting isn't it?

The WonderLens range still has 3 other types of lens in its product line... keep a lookout for it in town!

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