Friday, December 19, 2008

December 2008: Part 1

December 2008: Part 1
Its my bi-monthly post again~

01 December 2008
@ Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre...
With Honda having Tang Yuen again~! I always love sesame flavour! Peanut comes 2nd~
03 December 2008
Random snapshot of Pappy...
Mum made more birdnest... she's getting better at this~!
04 December 2008
09:40am... I always love it when these children pass by my flat downstairs... they'll be singing children songs as they walk... kawaii~ 
@ Eastpoint... Honda testing out the AIBI product... this thing has a S$1,200 pricetag... (omg).
More random pictures of Pappy...

06 December 2008
Just a snapshot of my laptop screen... Manga Fighter... a 3rd person shooting game... been pretty much hooked to its cuteness... choose between 6 different characters and shoot it out in a variety of interesting maps using a wide arsenal of weapons ranging from pulse guns to fly-swatters, mushroom cannons to sniper rifles.
A whole set of Lucky Stars Petite Nendoroids I bought off Ebay...
07 December 2008
Mum's outta town and I had to settle dinner myself... tried out the Mega McSpicy meal at McDonald's... FAILED. Its digusting... halfway into the burger, the bread patties already turned soggy from the steam off the chicken... and simply fell off everywhere... I had so much trouble holding the burger intact...  then I've to deal with the mayo and the pathetic shreds of yellowish lettuce... FAILED BIG TIME.
09 December 2008
@ Katong Shopping Centre... Abandoned car in one of the lots, right in front of the lift lobby (nobody can miss this). Its road tax has expired, but its kept here under season parking... poor car has had its rear left windown smashed in... Probably what's valuable is only the MOMO steering wheel and the set of sports rims... 
10 December 2008
Almond Roca. Did anyone still remember this very exquisite chocolate from the 80s? Its was THE chocolate, until Ferrero Rocher overtook its brand leadership. I still love it though.
11 December 2008
More random pictures of Pappy...

12 December 2008
Had an excellant opportunity to board the Legends of the Seas by Royal Caribbean, thanks to great friend.14 December 2008
@ my Grandmother's place... read the tabloids and came across this article... 
"British lady... diet... Consumed 4 litres of water within 2 hours... Died"...
Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for part 2 this month end!

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