Friday, December 26, 2008


Free-to-play multiplayer-online game by GamesCampus:

I believe a couple of you have already heard me mention about this cute little (3rd-person)shooting game...

You get to choose from 6 different characters at the start of every game, each with their own unique strength and weakness:

Ken is the average all-rounder character - standard HP, Strength, and Speed.

Hana is slightly weaker in strength, but is highly popular because she has the nicest clothes.

MiuMiu is the fastest character in the whole game, and boasts the highest agility. However, its low HP means its at the losing end in a direct confrontation.

Kuma is the slowest character in the game, and also the biggest-sized, making it a walking target. But its weakness is compensated by its strength and HP - he can be equipped with the strongest and heaviest arsenal of weaponary and boasts twice the HP that of Ken.

Dr. Uru is the some-where in between. Higher than average HP and strength, he proofs lethal with launcher-type weapons and is generally advantageous in direct confrontations.

Sai is just Cute~ very cute~
Each account starts off with standard weaponary and some in game money called "DON". Drop by the Card Shop to upgrade your weapons from a wide selection of cute and interesting arsenal of Melee, Gun, Launcher, and Throwing Weapons!For the fashion-savvy, the Card Shop also sells a wide selection of beautiful clothes and accesories!
Did I mentioned Hana has the nicest clothes around?
At the Lobby, players get to select from many different "Rooms" created by other players. Some are already "In-game", while others are "Waiting" for more players to join. The game-modes are also prominently displayed - Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Protect Essence, VIP, Practice. In-game, this picture below is the "Dollhouse" map (notice that huge character above the sky?). Players shoot it out in this cute little doll house map, making good use of the terrain, doorways, and furnitures to hide, or take cover. Snipers take to the long corridor at the basement.
The maps allows for your creative juices to flow freely. Players can camp out at any location to their advantage. (taking higher grounds means being able to shoot any enemies in sight...)Here's a look into the view-find of the Sniper Cannon... zooms very far... takes a bit of practice to be able to shoot well.
Here's a video footage of the in-game tutorial:

Get the Game Client at the official Manga-Fighter site!

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