Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pictures to share...

Some so-hard-to-shoot-pictures...

Flying low? Or looking tall?

Cheering too hard~

"You jump, I jump"

Dickheads; you seldom see them on the road these days...

Savour the moment... (referring to the moe). Pyramid-head probably hates himself for wearing that hat. Scene from Tokyo. If Silent Hill has this much "moe", it would have won my $9.50 at the theaters
Dubai; that 1991 picture definitely worth ALOT~~ start taking pictures of near-barren lands now!
For the birds; "Awwwww~~~" (males are always the brighter-colored ones). Envy.
Reminds you of this? My favorite Pixar short-films.

1 Day wages: $65.00
1 Tin of paint: $29.00
Realising that you should have stayed in school longer: PRICELESS.
OH! Fanservice for the guy-readers... was told it was the latest design in Tokyo.
Criteria to wear: Tight firm butts!
Free trial anyone?

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