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Just done watching Kimura Takuya's HERO...
Special thanks to Xiao-P for lending me!
So much fun watching it~! You simply can't stop at just one episode~
I've heard of Kimura's HERO some years back (year 2001), but didn't really have the time to watch it. It was only after I watched the special movie released in November 2007 did I decide to get my hands on the drama series...
Synopsis (taken from Drama Wiki)
Kuryu Kohei (played by Kimura Takuya) is a former juvenile delinquent that drops out of junior high and goes on to earn a high school equivalency diploma. After passing the law board exams, Kuryu becomes a prosecutor. Not your typical prosecutor, which is quickly seen through the clothes that he wears, Kuryu possesses quick instincts and a kind of cleverness that only someone raised on the streets could have.

Maiko Amamiya, (played by Matsu Takako) plays Kuryu's assistant. The shrewd Amamiya, who has her eyes set on passing the exam to become a deputy prosecutor, tries her best to be noticed by her boss. Kuryu, on the other hand, after earning a reputation for doing top-notch work is transferred to Amamiya's division, and finally opens his eyes to the possibility of promotion. Unfortunately, his unprecedented work behavior abruptly brings things to a halt.

Although earning a reputation as a bad apple, the influence from Kuryu's strong pursuit of justice slowly begins to change things around him. This drama is filled with it all; love, laughs and lots of emotion. -Fuji TV
Here's a preview of the cast...
What I loved about this drama series:
1) Kuryu's habit of ordering from "Luigi's Online Shop" - a spanish TV mail order program featuring weird exercise equipments and using them in his office;
2) the scandalous but funny affair between Nakamura Misuzu and Shibayama Mitsugu, under watchful eyes of their colleagues;
3) the unreciprocated 1-sided love of Egami Tatsuo towards Amamiya Maiko;
4) the growing romance between Amamiya and Kuryu;
5) "St.George's Tavern" Bartender, who can produce almost anything asked of him, with an "Aru-yo~" (有的~), even sun-block lotion!;
6) Countless comedy scenes;
Here's Kuryu's outfit...
Oh! There is also another special movie released in year 2006... gotta get my hands on this!

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