Monday, January 21, 2008


Was chit-chatting with MJ and the rest about Maple Story the other evening at the kopi-tiam and had the sudden urge to play... so downloaded the game client and installed it.

(Was pleasantly surprised at the superbly fast download-speed; 1.58 Megabytes per Second! The 866 MB game-client completed download in approx 10 mins! I remembered during my time, the game client was merely 250+MB and it took me half a day to download. Dammit.)

My character was still in El Nath, after having stopped playing last February (2007). My inventory still has the Ang Baos from Cai Shen last year!

Luckily, I was still in time to visit Happyville from X'mas'07~! Did you spot Santa Claus~? Jingle bells BGM!
Was excited to enter Aquaworld for the first time. There was so much hype when this world opened up last year, everybody went there straight away, while I was stuck in the depths of the El Nath mountains...
There was even a new Amoria Wedding Village~! So romantic!
Passed Aquaworld town and met Tae Gong...
And I arrived at the new Korean Folk Village... so many new quest!
Outside the Korean Folk Village... a beautiful Goblin Mountain...
and I slowly made my way to Ludibrium... after asking around for directions; was totally clueless how to get there. People's reaction was like: Where've you been these time?

My personal comments: Now that most of the players in Aquila has advanced to higher levels, there is no one to fight over maps with me anymore... playing is so much a breeze~ Nice~ I can take my own sweet time to play and explore... things are cheaper now, cuz market demand has dropped.

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