Saturday, April 04, 2009

Travel Tip: Luggage Trick

Travel Tip: Luggage Trick
Special thanks to Choon Ling for sharing the email:

Next time you travel and you found yourself having lost the keys or forgotten the number-combination to unlocking your suitcase... you might want to take a look at the video clip below...
All you need is a regular pen; place it at the groove where the zipper teeth bites together and push it in hard. The pointed pressure will split open the zippers, and your bag is opened.

More importantly, you can still close up the suitcase by running the zippers back through. A very convenient trick if you do not have the time to try all 1000 combinations of the number-lock (considering you really forgotten the number to your lock).

One thing to note though... if this trick falls into the wrong hands... whoever handles your luggage will have undetected access to your suitcase contents...

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