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Dragon Ball Kai

Dragon Ball Kai
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Just premiered on the 5th April 2009, Dragon Ball Kai is a remastered version of the original animation - Dragon Ball - in celebration of its 20th anniversary.
Formatted with extended frames for HDTV, sound effects was updated, the opening and ending were completely redone, and the original Japanese cast was re-grouped to re-voice the show, where available (unfortunately not including those that has passed on, such as Hirotaka Suzuoki [Tenshinhan] ).
New content features a brief look at the last moments of Bardock (Goku's father), and Planet Vegeta (planet of the Saiyans), and also an overview of young Goku's growing up years (Dragon Ball, the pre-Z period) until his victory over King Piccolo (比克大魔王) at the Tenkaichi-Bokudai (天下第一武道会).

What went missing is that young Goku's little willy wouldn't be going on TV~

Bardock (Father of Goku);
The Dragon Ball Kai story is re-edited (from the orginal Dragon Ball Z footage) to more closely follow Akira Toriyama's original manga. There will be no fillers, hence resulting in a faster-moving story-development. Kai begins with the invasion of the Saiyans~

Fast Facts via Wikipedia:

Dragon Ball : 153 episodes from 26 February 1986 to 12 April 1989, covering the first 16 volumes of the 42 volume manga series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama.

Dragon Ball Z : 291 episodes from 26 April 1989 to 31 January 1996, final 26 volumes of the 42 volume manga series.

Dragon Ball GT : 64 episodes from 2 February 1996 to 19 November 1997, produced by Toei Animation and not based on the manga.

All in all, the Dragon Ball legacy is a total of 508 episodes (excluding the special episodes), lasting 11 years~ this is one anime title I grew up with~ ^^


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