Monday, March 23, 2009

Self Castration

Self Castration
via SankakuComplex:

Man Cuts Off Penis With Scissors After Break-Up

A man took a pair of scissors and snipped off his own member after a falling out with his girlfriend. As he attempted to preserve it for posterity, doctors later managed to sew it back on.
After an argument with his girlfriend over her not moving in with him, he returned home and there cut off his manhood, apparently he wished to be done with women entirely.

The man (37) was found bleeding on the floor, and was soon conveyed to hospital. Doctors, having discovered that, for some reasons even he cannot explain, he had put his severed penis on ice, then managed to reattach the member.
It is not clear whether the self-castrator will regain full use of the unwanted appendage, or indeed whether he is still happy about still having it.

Police explained the failed eunuch's situation: "He told us that apparently he did not need his penis since his girlfriend didn't want to move in with him - after two broken marriages, he said he wanted to have nothing in common with women."

Regarding his mysterious refrigeration of his lost manhood, police have this to say: "This was one wise thing that he did, if we can at all speak about wisdom in a situation like that."

Russia actually has a long history of this sort of thing, thanks to the extensive activities of the Christian cult of the Skopsty, whose members would cut off their genitals and breasts in order to rid themselves of temptation.

Q: For sure, his girlfriend would definitely leave him...

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